Find a taste of the islands on Disney Lookout Cay

June 7, 2024, 9:38 PM · Visitors to the new Disney Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point can see and hear its Bahamian flavor. But can they taste it?

Visitors to Disney's private destination are invited to eat at its lunch buffets: True-True BBQ, True-True Too BBQ, and the adults-only Serenity Bay BBQ. All three serve the same menu, which ranges from American-style burgers and hot dogs to more inland-influenced rice and curry selections. But what is worth eating and what is worth skipping for someone who wants a literal taste of The Bahamas while visiting Lookout Cay?

Finding that out was the task I assigned myself as I grabbed a little bit of almost everything and did a speedrun through Lookout Cay's buffet lunch menu.

Before I get to the food, let me note the biggest problem that Disney had with its food service today during Lookout Cay's media preview - flies. If Disney wants my opinion, I would recommend investing in fans at every table, to help shoo away the flies that attack diners' meals like kids going after free ice cream.

As for where to eat, pick the one closest to you when you want to eat. I chose True-True BBQ, which is the one farthest south (to the right as you face the beach), simply because it has the largest seating capacity under its nicely designed shells.

True-True BBQ eating area
True-True BBQ eating area. Photo courtesy Disney Cruise Line

True-True Too has slightly smaller capacity, and the adults-only Serenity Bay BBQ is much smaller, though convenient to its cabanas.

Now, the food. My winner, by far, for flavor was the plant-based Lookout Cay Stew with tofu, jackfruit and tomatoes. I physically cannot stomach intense spice anymore, but I still love and crave flavor. This island curry stew delivered that - much more than any other selection I tasted today. It's easy to miss on the buffet, though. I found it at the ribs and chicken window. (Of course that's where the plant-based entree would go, right?)

My second choice was the Spiced Rotisserie Chicken. I tried a leg, and the sweet pepper and lime flavors really came through. As for sides, two stood out: a delightful cucumber and tomato salad, and the fried okra. Throw all four of these items on a plate, and you've got a refreshing lunch that delivers nice island vibes.

In my second tier, the Bahamian Pigeon Peas & Rice with marinated chicken reminded me of Creole cuisine, with a pronounced black pepper flavor. The Saffron and Vegetable Rice offered more of a Spanish flavor (think paella), and a half-and-half bowl allows you a nice taste of both, though it was too much rice and not enough protein for me.

The BBQ pork rib also was fine, though a bit basic compared with the other options. But I found the two fish selections disappointing. If they were marinated as advertised, I missed that flavor boost, and both of the selections tasted dry to me. I also tried the cheeseburger as my baseline control selection. Rank that with the ribs - behind the chicken and ahead of the fish.

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