Meet the cast of Disney's new Country Bear show

July 8, 2024, 1:06 PM · Before you can start working at a Walt Disney World attraction, you have to pass a test. The first attraction I worked at the Magic Kingdom was the old Country Bear Vacation Hoedown, which does not required any more technical skill to operate than pressing a button. But Disney wants its cast members to be able to answer any question that a guest might ask about an attraction. So the bulk of my first attraction test was a quiz on the names of every bear in the Hoedown.

On July 17, that cast will debut its latest production - the Country Bear Musical Jamboree. The fourth iteration of Disney's Country Bear show will feature the bears singing Disney tunes in country, blues and folks styles. Disney has enlisted some prominent musical artists to provide the voices behind the Country Bears, including Chris Thile, Emily Ann Roberts, and Allison Russell. But for park guests, these will be the stars of the show:

All photos courtesy Disney

Henry, the grandson of Grizzly Hall founder Ursus H. Bear, is the host of the show and the leader of the Jamboree. In his new look for this production, Henry is going without pants, which is probably for the best.

Five Bear Rugs

The house band for the Country Bears is Five Bear Rugs, comprised of Zeb, Zeke, Fred, Ted, and Tennessee, who are joined onstage by Zeb's son Oscar, who is holding a plush Big Al this time.


Gomer handles the piano for the show. He's the crew's classically trained musician, according to Disney's backstory for the bears.


Wendell appears opposite Gomer atop the pit at center stage. He's a singer and mandolin player, so it's appropriate that he is being voiced by Thile this time.

Bunny, Bubbles and Beulah

Bunny, Bubbles and Beulah are the other occupants of the rising platform at center stage. These triplets once donned Sun Bonnets but will be sporting Stetsons for this production.

Teddi Barra

Teddi Barra descends from the ceiling on a swing. Allison Russell will perform her role in Country Bear Musical Jamboree.


Trixie is the show's other female star, being voiced this time by Emily Ann Roberts.

Ernest the Dude

Fiddle-playing Ernest the Dude is known for his fancy wardrobe, which Disney says includes "30 coats, 40 slacks, 60 shirts, 20 hats and a pair and a half of underwear."


Terrence (aka Shaker) got his nickname for the shimmy that the character has done during his performance in past shows.

Romeo McGrowl

Romeo McGrowl is probably more widely known among fans as "Elvis Bear," because of his pout, pompadour and jumpsuits.

Big Al

But the biggest star of past Country Bear shows has been Big Al, who was known for the iconic "Blood on the Saddle," sung by Tex Ritter.

Now you're ready to pass your Country Bear test! Country Bear Musical Jamboree starts previews for D23 members this weekend before its official grand opening in Magic Kingdom's Frontierland next week.

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July 9, 2024 at 11:01 AM

"Blood on the Saddle" was such a perfect song for Big Al's personality and deep voice and was the signature moment of the show for many people. Really curious to see which of the new Disney songs, or which part of a song, they give him to match the personality, match the voice, and provide a similar signature moment.

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