Chill with Universal's new Super Nintendo workout

July 9, 2024, 3:10 PM · There's even more to do now in Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood. The park has added a new interactive element to the land - this time upstairs under the Frosted Glacier.

Anyone can play this game. Just start by punching under the question block along the wall, which will spawn one of four Power Up icons: Fire Flower, Ice Flower, Super Mushroom, or Super Star. Each one corresponds to one of the four different gameplays available on the Frosted Glacier interactive wall, which include defeating Goombas, or Red or Green Koopa Paratroopas, or clearing brick blocks. Check it out in our video:

If you have Universal's upsell Power Up Band, you can collect coins when playing the wall, as well as on other activities throughout Super Nintendo World. This one feels a bit like the Thwomp Panel Panic Key Challenge, downstairs next to the Mario Kart Bowser's Challenge entrance. The interactive wall offers a deceptive aerobic workout, as you lunge left and right trying to tap or swipe as many of the targets as you can within the few seconds you have to clear the board.

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