Sprookjesbos is an excellent walk-through exhibit in Fairy Realm and one of the best attractions at Efteling.

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One of the original attractions in the park, this is a huge assortment of scenes from classic fairytales. A visit to Efteling is not complete without a trip down Sprookjesbos. This natural forrest houses several fairytale castles and villages where fairytale scenes can be watched.

The fairytales how they are in the forest:
-Sleeping Beauty - the castle where she sleeps
-Gnome village - This is the place where Gnomes live
-Long nek - One of the 6 servants
-Little red riding hood - Grandma's house, with a wolf in bed...
-Red shoes - Karin has been bad, and the magic shoes let her dance forever, till her feet were chopped of... Now they still dance here...
-Troll king - Nobody knows who this king is, where he comes from and what he says...
-Rapunzel - This girl is locked in a tower without a door. A witch gives her food, by climbing up her hair!
-The little Mermaid - Just a statue
-Irritable dragon - Dont touch his treasure...
-Wolf and the seven Goats - See this happy house, six goats are playing a game, one is hiding in a clock... The wolf is coming!
-Hansel and Gretel - Hansel is in his jail, Gretel feeds him, and the witch is in her house
-Mistress Holle's well - Look in her well, then see the story of a good girl in a strange coutry, and her lazy, jalous sister after...
-Table, Donkey and the Stick - See the magic donkey, table and stick! The donkey can shoot gold from under his tail, the table makes food and the stick can beat bad people!
-Mirror mirror on the wall - See this famous mirror, and the tale it is in...
-Snowwhite - Here lies Snowwhite, with the dwarves around her...
-The Frog prince - The frog prince get the princess ball from the lake
-The Magic Clock - Look what happens if you try to steal from a mighty wizzard!
-Indian Waterlillies - 7 starchilds didnt listen to there mother, the moon, and were changed in waterlillies. Every night they have to dance for the witch...
-Sprookjesbos theater - A fairytale show
-Tom Thumb and the Giant's boots - See how Tom is stealing the boots
-Rumpelstiltskin - What was his name again?
-The little match girl - See this poor girl die from the cold...
-Fakir - The fakir flies on his magic carpet, raising the Sultans flowers
-Chinese Nightingale - The Nightingale saves the Emperor from death...

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