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The Racer

The Racer is a roller coaster in Coney Mall at Kings Island. It's worth seeing on a time-permitting basis. The minimum height to ride is 48 inches.

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An out-and-back, twin-tracked wooden roller coaster that allows riders to race another train over multiple small hills. It was created by the famous John Allen and is often accredited for starting the second roller coaster golden age.

The trains on the South track ran in reverse from 1982 to 2007.

FastLane is available for this attraction.

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Rode the red train first as the trains don't "race" until around noon. Alone, it is not a great wooden coaster, and it is a very bumpy, and painful. Later in the day we rode the blue train (and lost) but had more fun. Racing coasters really need that racing element, it seems. When both trains are going, everything feels a bit more speedy and intense.

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