Theme Park of the Day: Knott's Berry Farm

What's new on the discussion board: Christmas trip planning and (not so) old cartoon characters

October 12, 2010, 10:10 AM · Got a question about planning a theme park vacation? Have some tips and advice to share, based on your recent trips? Here are this week's top new threads from the Theme Park Insider Discussion Board:

Kim PossibleJorge Arnoldson wonders about theme park attractions based on Characters That Kids Might Not Know These Days.

Daniel Etcheberry asks Is Disneyland's monorail necessary?

Daniel also asks for your ideas on How should the new Star Tours look like?

Helen Hannah hopes that you might have some suggestions for planning A Christmas visit in 2011 by a disabled consumer.

Anne Duncan wants to know which is the best value among the Disney All-Star Resorts.

Jack Curley wants to hear your tips for WDW to IOA transportation?

Pam Maneclang is looking for deal on theme park tickets. Help her out with your best advice in Ticket prices for USO/ IOA- please help!

Looking ahead to the holidays, Pam also asks How busy is Universal Orlando and what's the weather like in December?

Carrie Hood has noticed something going on behind the Jaws ride and asks about Universal Orlando.. Construction?

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October 13, 2010 at 11:14 AM · Thanks for featuring my discussion post in this little blurb. This is such an awesome website!

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