A tour of Universal Studios Singapore: The Lost World

December 21, 2011, 10:03 AM · Beyond Egypt at Universal Studios Singapore lies The Lost World.

The Lost World

The Lost World is home to the park's three Jurassic Park-themed rides, plus two restaurants. The highlight among them is the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure.

Down for refurbishment

Which was down for refurbishment.

And not just for a clean-and-tweak refurbishment, either. Universal's reportedly building a new lift within the ride, to help improve its average hourly capacity and reduce its wait times. The Singapore version of the Jurassic Park ride differs from the U.S. versions in that it's a tub-style rapids ride rather than the "dinosaur Jungle Cruise" found at Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios Hollywood. Here's a look at the ride in operation, from a Theme Park Insider reader:

Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure

And a view of the ride's unique load area:

Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure load area

Beyond the Rapids Adventure, The Lost World offers two rides aimed mainly at kids: First, Canopy Flyer, a suspended flying swing ride around The Lost World, very similar to Pteranodon Flyers at Island of Adventure, but without the themed seats.

Canopy Flyer

Second is Dino-Soarin', a basic up-and-down, round-and-round spinner ride.


With no Rapids Adventure to ride and no real desire to look like a creeper by hitting up the kiddie rides, I retreated to the Discovery Food Court for lunch.

Discovery Food Court

The Discovery Food Court serves noodles, laksa (noodles topped with shrimp) and the Singaporean favorite, chicken rice.

Dinosaur skeleton, inside the food court
Apparently, there's a rumor going around that this guy tasted just like chicken, too.

So I chose the chicken rice, though I whiffed by going with the roasted chicken option (S$10.50 - about $8 US), instead of the steamed Hainanese version.

Roasted chicken rice set

The rice had a nice chicken flavor to it, but the chicken was, well, chicken. Apparently, what I should have done - had I really been dining like a local - is go for the Hainanese version and smother it with the accompanying hot sauce packet. Live and learn.

If you're looking for something to grab and go, The Lost World's other restaurant, Fossil Fuels serves hot dogs and bratwurst.

Since today's entry was kinda short, I'll be back later today with a longer look at Far, Far Away - Shrek's Singapore home.

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December 21, 2011 at 10:40 PM · You could always ask for a sauce package even if you don't see it at the counter. You might find teriyaki, hoisin, katsu, or a thai hot sauce.

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