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February 28, 2013, 1:21 PM · Universal Studios Florida – The Orlando mayor either talked from insider knowledge or was talking out of his butt when he said that the new Harry Potter expansion will open in 2014. This is the first time we have heard any hint about when the expansion would open…and the source is not one that we normally get news stories from. Transformers: The Ride is now under the 100 day mark before it opens…and yet we have a new rumor. It sounds like the Monsters Café will be closing soon in order to be skinned to something related to the Transformers ride. Now what that rumor means is anyone’s guess, but if I get served a steak the consistency of aluminum siding with a tall glass of something resembling motor oil, I have to think that a complaint will be lodged. For those of you interested in being the first on the Transformers or Harry Potter rides, you will need to get your job applications into Universal soon.

Universal Studios Singapore – Here is the POV video of the most impressive ride opening this year.

Walt Disney Studios Paris and Disneyland Paris - Disney's shown something it can do better than Universal…actually announce a ride that everyone knows is coming anyway. So Disney's no longer pretending that Walt Disney Studios Park isn't getting a new Ratatouille ride. I wonder how Mickey will handle the competition? Disneyland Paris is also getting Glow with the Show ears for its Disney Dream castle show, so that's two resorts not named "Walt Disney World" that will have the light-up Mickey ears.

Disneyland – What the new Fantasy Faire is lacking in rides, it is definitely making up for in video updates. I don’t know why Disney is going to all this trouble for little girls. Isn't enough to give them a fluffy animal, a bag full of cosmetics that they normally aren’t allowed to have, and, most importantly, a younger sibling to blame for everything?

On this website I don’t really need to have an excuse to post a video of Splash Mountain (since it is one of TPI readers' favorite rides), but I will give you one anyway. Splash Mountain just reopened after a bit of a rehab, still containing all of the thinly veiled racism guests have grown to love.

(Thanks to ThemeParkHD for letting us know that they posted the video, and you may want to check out their video collection on Youtube. They are posting about at least a couple of videos per day and starting to build a nice portfolio of rides. Hopefully one of the next couple of attractions that they post will be the Haranguing Main Street Customer Service attraction or the Doling Out the Parade Barrier attraction. Maybe they should take their eye for good video and make a couple of Being a Good Guest videos. There are many being a good cast member videos, but none about being a good guest.)

Magic Kingdom – Big Thunder Mountain – The Imagineers shut down the ride so that they could work on people being bored while waiting for the ride…that seems like a good use of time and effort…as opposed to making people talk to each other…

Alton Towers – Secret Weapon 7 – Alton Towers is trying to start up the campaign to get a fair amount of publicity going for their newest roller coaster addition. Apparently there is a game involved with it as well. I haven’t been able to download the game yet, but I have to wonder if it involves taking a flame thrower to a certain mouse.

Cedar Point – Gatekeeper – The final bit of track has been slotted into place for this new roller coaster. As per the contract, it means the lads can take the next two months off.

Six Flags Fiesta Texas – Iron Rattler – This newly reborn roller coaster is quickly approaching test runs.


Sources: Screamscape and Amusement Today

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February 28, 2013 at 2:39 PM · the ride system for the Sesame Street ride the same as E.T.'s? What an interesting ride. Didn't get it really, but would love it no doubt.


February 28, 2013 at 3:02 PM · Wow, Disney truly does think of everything. In order to accomodate the visitors who will never make it to Singapore, they opened up a copy of Sesame Street in Disneyland without any sort of announcement or construction.

^It truly is a great time to be a theme park fan. ; )

Edit: Video mistake has been resolved.

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