New satellite photos show construction progress at Shanghai Disneyland

March 25, 2014, 11:10 AM · A reader on Stefan Zwanzger's website got ahold of some nifty satellite imagery that shows the construction progress on Shanghai Disneyland.

Shanghai Disneyland construction site

If you follow the link and look closely, you can see the foundations of several attractions beginning to appear in the park. A labeled image provides a visual overview of the park, and we've listed the attractions it will include on our Shanghai Disneyland page.

Disney last week revealed some details about the park's Pirates of the Caribbean ride, which will differ substantially from other Pirates rides at Disney theme parks around the world. And the company's offered a few details about the park's castle and forecourt area. But we're awaiting more confirmation from Disney on the parks' other attractions and features.

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March 25, 2014 at 4:19 PM · I think it's wonderful to see a new park take shape, and for Disney to change things up and expand on the successes of the past. I doubt I will ever visit Shanghai, but I am going to love seeing videos that other people take of this park.

For me, so far, I am loving what I am seeing. Especially with the castle. Instead of just being a "weenie" and landmark it looks like Shanghai is really going to make the castle be alive and have things to do in there. That's fantastic.

I always thought it was a shame that you really can't go inside the Disney castles all that much. Sure, in California you have the little sleeping beauty walkthrough and in Florida they have the Cinderella's Table and the little shops and the Cinderella's Suite for VIPs...but there aren't attractions in there.

The castle is such a great place for a meet and greet, for a dark ride, and the dock for a boat ride. I think that Shanghai is going to have most of that from what I understand. I think it also has the restaurant too.

I love how every new Disney park improves on the past. I hope one day that there will be a Disney park in Australia or a new park built here in the US in Texas. I'd love to visit those. But, I bet the only new Disney parks will either be in Asia or in Brazil. I doubt the US will ever get a new park and if they build anything in Australia it will just be a resort like Aulani.

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