Edna Mode's guide to the top Disney fashion collaborations

June 20, 2018, 11:42 AM · Edna Mode is undoubtedly the Queen of Disney fashion. Her word is law (NO CAPES!), and her taste is distinguished. So when it comes to Disney merchandise, what would Edna do? Here are eight of the most trendy and luxurious Disney fashion collaborations, sure to catch even Edna’s critical eye.

ASICS Snow White

1. ASICS X Snow White
This collab is the perfect blend of fancy and functional. These ruby colored suede sneakers come topped with an ample satin bow, just like Snow White’s dainty slippers (but these might be a tad more practical if you ever need to run panicked through a spooky forest full of critters).

A Dark Fairy Tale, Coach - Disney

2. A Dark Fairy Tale, Coach X Disney
This collaboration puts a delightfully macabre twist on the Disney fairy tale narrative. Currently available on Coach’s website, the collection includes poison apple totes, spooky eye patterns, and a series of purses inspired by each of the seven dwarfs.

Vans Toy Story

3. Vans X Toy Story
Definitely the most affordable of these collabs, this limited edition collection features shoes, clothes, and accessories inspired by your favorite Toy Story characters. Options range from pastel, lace-adorned Bo-Peep hi-tops to black slip-ons sprinkled with pictures of Sid’s mutant toys. In true Toy Story fashion, the name Andy is printed on the sole of each pair of Woody and Buzz inspired sneakers. No longer officially available on the Van’s website, any shopper can try to snag a pair of these on eBay.

Gucci Donald Duck

4. Gucci X Donald Duck
Prominent Italian fashion house Gucci released a “Donald Duck capsule” of attire in Spring 2017. The mere existence of this pairing is bemusing to me, but in the best way possible. If you have ever wanted to drop a few hundred dollars on a cardigan covered in pictures of Donald Duck, here’s your shot. It certainly would be a fashion statement.

Juicy Couture Beauty and the Beast

5. Juicy Couture X Beauty and the Beast
This limited edition track jacket varies greatly from the typical Juicy tracksuit most 2000’s girls knew and loved. The “beauty yellow” velour jacket is studded with 3300 Swarovski crystals, which spell out “Beauty is Found Within” on the back, but not-so-coincidentally makes the jacket $590 on the Juicy Couture website.

Cath Kidston Winnie the Pooh

6. Cath Kidston X Winnie the Pooh
British retailer Cath Kidston released a Winnie the Pooh collection in 2016, pairing the brands iconic pastel prints with charming hand illustrations straight out of the Hundred Acre Wood. Nostalgic and sweet, this collection includes children’s backpacks and china tea cups, among many other goodies. No longer available through Cath Kidston, this collection is easily attainable on eBay.

Kenzo The Jungle Book

7. Kenzo X The Jungle Book
French luxury house Kenzo released this collaboration in 2016 to celebrate the premiere of Disney’s remake of The Jungle Book. The unisex collection is an array of flashy jungle patterns guaranteed to pop in any setting. The rarity of these pieces makes them difficult to track down online, but committed shoppers might have luck on high-end resale websites like Grailed.

Coach Minnie Mouse

8. Coach X Minnie Mouse
Coach released a collection of Minnie Mouse inspired purses and accessories in January 2018 to celebrate the unveiling of Minnie Mouse’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Another rare collection, these pieces are most easily found on eBay. Among these chic pieces is this classy pink polka-dotted handbag topped with classic Minnie ears. Sophisticated yet a statement piece, I think both Minnie and Edna would approve.

Replies (5)

June 21, 2018 at 6:50 AM

Great Story!

Disney is really getting into some high fashion lately. I expect every single one of these items to be available at Disney Springs as well.

June 21, 2018 at 7:57 AM

I don't know who the audience for these products are. The people who generally would spend $590 for a jacket by Juicy are usually the people who look down at Disney.

June 21, 2018 at 11:35 AM

Not in LA, where there's significant crossover in the streetwear and Disney fanbases, at least among people under 40. No, it's not a mass market, but none of this is priced for that. It's a sharply focused, but lucrative, niche.

Just like Edna prefers. ;^)

June 21, 2018 at 1:33 PM

I like how the Gucci doesn't list prices. If you have to ask you probably can't afford it. The Vans were the only somewhat decently priced item.

June 22, 2018 at 4:26 PM

Robert is correct. LA does have a market that blends high fashion & Disney. Seeing any of these fashions on the street wouldn't be out of the ordinary.

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