Prices going up with an expansion pushed back at Tokyo Disney

January 31, 2020, 11:13 AM · The Tokyo Disney Resort is raising prices while pushing back a major expansion project.

Oriental Land Co., the Japanese company that owns and operates Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea under license from Disney, reported its third-quarter financial results this week, noting a decrease in revenue on flat attendance during the three-month period when compared with the same period a year ago.

Revenue was down 2.4 percent due to lower guest spending, according to the company, continuing a trend following the end of the resort's 35th anniversary and all its special anniversary food and merchandise. Beyond food and merch, the other big way that parks can boost guest spending is on admission, and Tokyo Disney is taking that route.

Starting in April, the resort will raise its one-day adult ticket prices from ¥7,500 to ¥8,200 (US$75.58) — a 9.3 percent increase. Two- to four-day tickets also are going up between 8.8 and 10.4 percent. The resort's two-park annual passport also is going up 8.8 percent, from ¥91,000 to ¥99,000 (US$912.53).

Children's ticket prices are remaining the same. You can find the complete list of old and new prices on Oriental Land's website.

Meanwhile, Oriental Land announced that it had pushed its Fantasy Springs expansion at Tokyo DisneySea back one year, to its 2023 fiscal year, which runs from April 1, 2023 through March 31, 2024. Fantasy Springs is the new "port" (i.e. land) in DisneySea, and will include four new attractions, three restaurants and a shop, all themed to the Disney films Frozen, Tangled, and Peter Pan. It is slated to be built between the park's Arabian Coast and Lost River Delta ports.

Tokyo Disneyland is set to open its major expansion on time this April 15, including the new Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast trackless dark ride, a Broadway-style Fantasyland theater, a Minnie Mouse meet and greet location and a Big Hero 6 Baymax ride.

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January 31, 2020 at 12:26 PM

Tokyo Disney is on my bucket list, but, with all the additions coming to Orlando in the next few years, that will have to take priority. Orlando is a LOT closer...

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