First Look at Legoland's New Trackless Dark Ride Adventure

August 27, 2020, 3:36 PM · Legoland New York is sharing a first look at animated on-ride video and images from its centerpiece attraction, Lego Factory Adventure.

Produced in cooperation with ETF Ride Systems and Holovis, the trackless dark ride will open next year with the new park, which is under construction north of New York City. We introduced the ride to you when Legoland announced it at the IAAPA Expo in Orlando last year, but this is the first POV concept we've seen from the attraction.

The concept is that Professor Brick is shrinking you to the size of a Lego brick... and that by ride's end, you will appear to have become a Lego minifig yourself. Here are some additional show scenes concepts from the attraction.

Lego Factory Adventure loading bay
All images courtesy Legoland New York

Lego Factory Adventure scene 1

Lego Factory Adventure scene 4

Lego Factory Adventure scene 6

The park also revealed a partial list of its other attractions, which are now on site being installed:

Located on a 150-acre site in Goshen, 60 miles north of Manhattan, Legoland New York was supposed to open last July 4, but postponed its grand opening due to the pandemic. A specific opening date has not yet been announced.

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August 28, 2020 at 9:34 AM

With the look of Professor brick, it’s a shame they didn’t go for Christopher Lloyd (or a sound alike)... it so much looks like doc brown to me...

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