Walt Disney World Welcomes a Special New 'Cast Member'

October 23, 2020, 12:10 PM · If you have been watching the new Disney's Animal Kingdom series on Disney+, here's an update on what happened in Episode 5. And if you're watching but haven't gotten to that episode yet, just bookmark this for future reading to avoid the spoiler.

Peanut had her baby.

The Walt Disney World Resort earlier this month welcomed its first-ever baby aardvark with the birth of Karanga — which means "Peanut" in Swahili, so the animal-care team at Rafiki’s Planet Watch named the baby for her mom.

Peanut and Karanga
Peanut and Karanga. Photo courtesy Disney

Several episodes in "Magic of Disney's Animal Kingdom" feature attempts to breed endangered or at-risk species. The mating of dad Willie and Peanut in Episode 5 was part of Disney's participation in the Species Survival Plan program, which matches animals from different zoos and animal-care facilities in order to help ensure healthy future generations.

Just watch the episode to get all the info. Here's a clip:

You can read more about the "Magic of Disney's Animal Kingdom" TV series on Disney+ in our review, Disney's New Animal Kingdom Series Is a Visual Adventure.

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October 25, 2020 at 8:17 PM

I watched this episode, earlier. We were all hoping that Willie and Peanut would be a successful pairing. Lovely to see the new addition :)

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