California Adventure's Food Event to Include Whole Park

February 16, 2021, 9:13 PM · We are still awaiting specifics from the Disneyland Resort about its planned hard-ticket food event at Disney California Adventure next month. But Disney's employee unions are providing us some clues about the scope of the event.

An update from Workers United Local 50 said that the union coalition has been informed by Disneyland that the resort will be recalling food and beverage cast members to Cars Land, Pixar Pier, Pacific Wharf, and Grizzly Peak for the event. Six Market Place booth, operated by the Festivals department, also will be opened along the parade route, which is the traditional location for food festival booths at Disney California Adventure.

The union also said that Buena Vista Street operations will be included in the ticketed event, suggesting that free entry into that land from Downtown Disney will no longer be available once the event starts.

The only lands in the park not explicitly mentioned in the union's update are Hollywood Land, which is partially open now with the Award Wieners walk-up food stand, and the new Avengers Campus, which hasn't opened to the public yet anyway. So Disneyland is pretty much planning to use the entire park to host this event.

With physical distancing, capacity would remain far below typical limits at Disney California Adventure, especially with no attractions being allowed to operate due to state of California pandemic rules. But Disneyland is not limiting its playing field for this event.

We will keep you updated with additional details - including a name, dates, and pricing - as they are announced.

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Replies (3)

February 16, 2021 at 10:12 PM

I would like Universal Studios Hollywood to do this so I can go back to work in a place I actually love working(Found another job for the time being but the lack of benefits and union representation is a major bummer for me).

Sadly, I don’t think it will be possible given that Universal isn’t known for food like Disneyland or Knott’s and its merchandise is extremely lackluster.

I just hope I don’t get laid off and be able to go back sometime this year(Sooner than later, I hope).

February 17, 2021 at 8:38 AM

@Agustin, I wish you the best. You seem to enjoy working for Universal more than I did, and that's not a bad thing (maybe upper management has changed in the years since I worked there). And I too hope you are back to doing what you love sooner rather than later. And maybe Universal will learn from their not-too-far-away neighbors and hold a food festival that is more than Mel's or Luigi's or Panda Express. I wouldn't personally attend, but it would be good to see more California theme park workers back on the job. And I'm glad you've found another job in the meantime.

February 18, 2021 at 10:32 AM

This puts the capriciousness of the closure rules in focus, doesn't it? You can go to the park, you can take your mask off and EAT at the park, but you can't go on the rides, not even the ones that are completely outside.

I could never go to the park when the rides are closed, it would be torture.

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