Introducing the Really Big Bad on the Jumanji Theme Park Ride

December 14, 2021, 1:55 PM · We told you earlier about the world's first Jumanji dark ride that will be coming to Gardaland theme park in Italy next year. Now we are getting our first look at the massive new animatronic that promises to be the visual highlight of the attraction.

Designers at Merlin Magic Making and artists at Futuraform have been crafting the 21-foot-tall Stone Giant animatronic at Futuraform's headquarters in Turkey over the past two months. Now this Giant is on its way to Italy, where three 20-foot trucks will drive the animatronic to its new home at the park. Here's a look at the Stone Giant's construction:

On board Jumanji: The Adventure, guests will ride Jeeps to save the world of Jumanji from a powerful curse by returning a precious gem to a legendary temple. But the Stone Giant will be the main obstacle in their path. As the park describes it, "amidst the deafening thunder of a storm, [The Stone Giant's] enormous head, monstrous grin and fiery gaze will appear from a cave lit up by lightning, while further along the ride his gigantic hand will try to block the passage of the adventurers."

So I guess The Stone is even bigger than The Rock? (Sorry!) Jumanji: The Adventure will open at Gardaland for the 2022 season.

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December 15, 2021 at 10:21 AM

I'm really intrigued by this ride. It has great potential to be an Indiana Jones-type of experience. I know that is from Disney but it is still a 20+ year old Disney experience that another park can replicate or improve upon. I'll tell you what, this ride and the coverage on it is the reason I know of Gardaland's existence. This is their time to shine, hope they don't fumble it!

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