Get Ready to Pick the World's Best Theme Park and Attractions

November 7, 2022, 12:18 PM · What is the world's best theme park? The best attraction? The best roller coaster? The best show?

Every year, Theme Park Insider readers answer these questions with their feedback, and we report the results through our annual Theme Park Insider Awards. Next week, we will open the first of the year-end surveys that Theme Park Insider uses to determine our awards, so I encourage all readers to sign up for our free weekly email to get those links.

Our year-end surveys also determine the recommendations that we publish our our theme park guides, which provide location listings and advice for visiting 30 top theme parks around the world. The more input that we get from more readers, the better our advice will be, so please sign up for the email, if you have not subscribed already, and please follow the links to participate in the surveys when they open.

Universal Orlando Islands of Adventure
Last year's Best Theme Park Winner was Universal Orlando's Islands of Adventure. Who will win this year?

We will be asking for your input in 10 categories again this year:

The Insider of the Year Award is for the person working in the themed entertainment field who has made the greatest or most notable positive effect upon the theme park industry. For that category, we will be asking readers to send me a nomination email explaining your choice rather than just submitting a list of names.

For Best New Attraction, we will provide a list of eligible attractions and will ask you to vote for your choice. For all other categories, we will ask you to submit a list of your picks.

After the surveys close, we will tally the results and announce up to 12 finalists in each category. Front-page votes in December will determine the winners, which I will announce on the website and across our social media accounts on January 1, 2023.

On New Year's Day, I also will begin rolling out updated theme park guides with fresh recommendations from this year's surveys. (If you have any advice for specific parks that you would like to see us add to those pages, please email me!)

Thank you for reading Theme Park Insider and thank you in advance for your participation in this year's award season. Once again, here is that sign-up link: Theme Park Insider's weekly newsletter.

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