Mission Ferrari Opens to the Public

January 12, 2023, 8:11 AM · The long-awaited Mission: Ferrari coaster has opened officially at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi.

The Dynamic Attractions SFX coaster delivers an inverted loop and a unique sideways drop while immersing riders in a spy mission storyline.

“Set in a top-secret international spy headquarters, guests become part of the stealth mission to safely deliver a high-spec Ferrari spy car, commissioned especially for agent Cavallino, to a rendezvous deep within the subterranean level of the Ferrari Factory in Maranello Italy,” Ferrari World said of the ride in a press release. Here's the opening-day hype video from the park:

“For over a decade, the Park has maintained its reputation of giving guests unparalleled experiences through record-breaking rides and attractions,” Deana Taylor, General Manager at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, said. “This unique ride offers an immersive experience where guests get the chance to see the world through the eyes of agent Cavallino and become part of the story. We can’t wait for our guests to try it.”

For tickets to Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, starting at $89, please visit our international partner's Ferrari World tickets page.

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