Bob Weis Announces His Next Gig

January 12, 2023, 9:04 AM · Our Insider of the Year, Bob Weis, has announced his next gig in the creative industry.

Weis, the former President and Global Ambassador of Walt Disney Imagineering will join architecture and design firm Gensler as Global Immersive Experience Design Leader.

"At Disney, we often collaborated with Gensler, and I was able to see firsthand its culture of design innovation that transforms the quality of life in our world," Weis said. "This is what visionary companies are seeking, and what we all are yearning for as we interact with the world around us. Gensler's commitment to leading the future of design is perfectly aligned with my passion for developing unique, immersive experiences with a diversity of creative voices.”

"We are thrilled that Bob is joining our global innovation design team. A creative design force, his leadership and expertise in entertainment design will enhance the ways people interact with and thrive in the spaces and experiences we create around the world," Gensler co-CEO Andy Cohen said. "Design has the power to shape how we experience life. Bob is joining us just as we emerge from the pandemic as people are craving compelling, visceral experiences in the places where they live, work, and play."

Of interest: Gensler is from where current WDI President Barbara Bouza came to Disney. So I guess Weis has sort of become the "player to be named later" in some imaginary trade between Gensler and Disney.

Weis served as President of WDI from 2016 to 2021 and has won the Buzz Price Lifetime Achievement Award from the Themed Entertainment Association. He has been awarded an honorary Ph.D. from Cal Poly School of Environmental Design, where he graduated with a degree in Architecture.

Here are two of our recent interviews with Weis: Bob Weis to Retire from Walt Disney Imagineering and Exclusive: Interview With Walt Disney Imagineering's Bob Weis.

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