Europa Park Celebrates Nikola Tesla With New Attractions

March 23, 2023, 1:44 PM · Germany's Europa Park opens for its 2023 summer season on Saturday. But it's a sneak peek at its new ride for 2024 that should excite coaster fans around the world.

As it opens for its 49th season, Europa Park will debut its 16th themed area - Principality of Liechtenstein. Located between Switzerland and England in the park, Liechtenstein will feature the return of the park's Balloon Ride, which was relocated to make room for the park's new Croatia area.

That land will be the home to the park's still-unnamed 2024 roller coaster. But Europa Park did confirm that the ride will be themed to Nikola Tesla, as suspected following the park's release of concept art that featured Tesla's Wardenclyffe Tower next to the ride. At a press conference today, the Mack family - which owns Europa Park - presented a scale model of the attraction.

Mack family with a model of Europa Park's Croatia coaster
Photo courtesy Europa Park

You can watch a concept POV of the new Mack Rides coaster on the Europa Park website. (Europa Park's video site does not enable embedding on other sites.)

Fans can get ready for the new attraction with the "Nikola Tesla's Beautiful Croatia" 360-degree movie that will debut Saturday in the Dome of Dreams in the park's Greece area. The waiting area for the movie will include a preview of the new coaster while in the film itself, "the audience accompanies visionary Nikola Tesla in the late 19th century as he works on his groundbreaking electricity experiments, as well as joining him to explore the sights of his native Croatia," according to the park's press release.

And this fall, a new 12-minute, 4D film devoted to Tesla and his discoveries will open in the park's Magic Cinema 4D.

New 4D movie at Europa Park
Image courtesy Europa Park

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Replies (3)

March 23, 2023 at 10:55 PM

Wow, 16 themed lands at one park. That's got to be a record or something.

March 24, 2023 at 2:00 AM

/\ My mind was blown going to Europa Park, especially with the hotels, and this coming from someone that has lived in Orlando and Anaheim. Granted the place is not perfect, it lacks a great standout coaster (Blue Fire was decent but didn't really standout, Silver Star is one of the worst B&M hypers, Wodan had an interesting queue but the ride didn't quite live up to other GCI's especially considering its size. TBH Arthur and the bobsled are probably my favorite coasters there). I do wonder tho if that is by design as it is a very family oriented park...but it does seem odd they would build a 200ft hyper coaster and have it be relatively tame.

Anyway when visiting it is very evident that the Mack family takes pride in their park and hotels. The whole property is very clean and well maintained, has friendly staff, and excellent theming.

March 25, 2023 at 4:38 AM

How disgusting that the Nikola Tesla park is called Croatian! The Croatian Utas slaughtered and killed almost the entire family of Nikola Tesla, burned down his birthplace and burned down the church where his father was a Serbian priest. They killed and slaughtered 511 people, women and children from his village. All were buried in a mass grave next to the church. The marker was removed from the grave during the war in 1990, and the two who survived in 1941 were killed! Tourists are sitting on the grave, eating and drinking and listening to how Tesla is a Croat, and they are sitting on the mass grave of Tesla's relatives and neighbors who were killed by the Croatian Ustashas! Tesla's monument was mined and demolished in his hometown of Gospi?. It took THIRTY years to return him, Nikola Tesla is a Serb! The ruined Serbian Orthodox church, where Tesla's father was a priest, with a tall belfry, was rebuilt as a forgery in the spirit of Croatian low bell towers. Shamefully distorted history, shameful manipulation, contempt for truth and justice!
And then they put Tesla on the coin ..and now this..what sadness, what hypocrisy, what misery! Imagine if someone would say about Auschwitz or Anne Frank, "beautiful German woman...Horror!"

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