Experience Jumanji, With a Twist

May 15, 2023, 1:53 PM · Do you remember your first "upside down" roller coaster? Making the step up from junior coasters to "grown-up" thrill rides can be an intimidating one, with inversions perhaps the most intimidating element of all.

That is why I appreciate attempts to design something in between - a step-up experience that allows young coaster fans to conquer more intense elements one at a time. Chessington World of Adventures this week has opened just such an experience with Mandrill Mayhem, the anchor of its new World Jumanji land.

At £17 million, World of Jumanji is the single largest investment in Chessington's history. And Mandrill Mayhem is the first coaster in the park to include an inversion. Mandrill Mayhem's in-line twist might be a perfect introduction to going upside down for the young fans who visit this London-area theme park. At 66 feet tall and with a top speed of 44 miles per hour, this Bolliger & Mabillard wing coaster will not intimidate skittish riders with towering drops and loops.

The ride does get down to business quickly, however, with a multi-pass launch from its station before winding around the land, making that twist, then climbing up a spiral around the land's Jaguar Shrine. That's when Mandrill Mayhem stall and drops back through the course, allowing riders to experience the ride a second time, but in reverse.

Mandrill Mayhem
Photo courtesy Merlin Entertainments

Unless... you choose the back row. Chessington has flipped the seats there, meaning you will start backwards before finishing the ride facing forward there. It's a neat switch to help increase re-rideability on the attraction. Here is the official front-row POV from the park, which starts with the final passthrough launch out of the station.

World of Jumanji also includes a maze and two flats from SBF: Mamba Strike and Ostrich Stampede. For more theme park news, please sign up for Theme Park Insider's weekly newsletter.

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