Track work completed for next year's 'Tesla' coaster

May 17, 2023, 9:57 PM · Europa Park has completed track work for its 2024 roller coaster. Workers hauled the final piece into place more than 100 feet above the station building, completing the ride's top hat element.

Final track placement
Photos courtesy Europa Park

A Croatian flag adorned the track segment, as the new coaster will be the anchor of the park's Croatia area.

Croatian flag on the coaster piece

"Today marks another milestone in our company history," Europa Park Managing Partner Michael Mack said. "The new rollercoaster with a Croatian connection and an exciting storytelling from the pen of MACK One is a true matter of the heart for us and will surely become one of the best rides in Europe."

The Mack Rides coaster track will run 4,544 feet, with a top speed of 56 mph when it opens at the park next year. In the coming months, workers will install decorative theming as well as the tech that will drive the ride. "The new rollercoaster has almost 300 stators, which catapult the trains up to 90 km/h [56 mph] four times, one of which travels backwards," Europa Park said in its press release.

Although Europa Park has not revealed the name of the new coaster, its concept art depicting Nicola Tesla's Wardenclyffe Tower as the station deign, coupled with recent opening of the 'Nikola Tesla's Beautiful Croatia' 360-degree movie in the Dome of Dreams, plus plans for a new Tesla-themed 4D production in the park's Magic Cinema 4D all points to Europa Park going all in with Tesla in its Croatia area. [See Europa Park celebrates Nikola Tesla with new attractions.]

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