Name changes coming as Kings Island prepares its Camp Snoopy

January 24, 2024, 6:09 PM · Three long-time attractions at Kings Island will be getting new names this year.

The Cincinnati-area theme park is opening a new Camp Snoopy-themed expansion to its children's land this year. We told you earlier about the new attractions that Kings Island is planning for that in our post, Kings Island throws a Boomerang into Camp Snoopy plans. This week, Kings Island also announced that it will rename several current Planet Snoopy attractions.

First, Kings Island's long-time flume ride, most recently known as Race for Your Life Charlie Brown, will be rebranded as Charlie Brown’s Rushing River Log Ride when the park reopens this spring. The Arrow Dynamics flume ride opened with the park in 1972, after moving from Cincinnati's Coney Island theme park. Originally known as Kings Mill Log Flume, it was rethemed Wild Thornberrys River Adventure in 2001 before getting its Peanuts theming after Cedar Fair bought the park from former owner Paramount.

Next, the park's Vekoma Suspended Family Coaster, Flying Ace Aerial Chase, will be renamed Woodstock's Air Rail. The coaster opened in 2001 as Rugrats Runaway Reptar. Again, the switch from Paramount to Peanuts licensing promoted the ride's previous name change.

Finally, the Flying Scooters ride known until now as Woodstock Gliders will become Franklin's Flyers as part of the changes. All three of these attractions, as well as Linus' Launcher, will be reclassified as part of Camp Snoopy, which will open in "late spring," according to the park's latest report.

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