Why Jurassic World VelociCoaster is the world's best coaster

January 1, 2024, 9:38 AM · Theme Park Insider readers once again have voted Jurassic World VelociCoaster at Universal Orlando's Islands of Adventure as the world's best roller coaster. The Intamin creation led the year-end reader rankings that determined this year's Theme Park Insider Awards, announced this morning.

Jurassic World VelociCoaster opened officially June 10, 2021 and immediately jumped to the top of many Theme Park Insider readers' lists of best coasters. Decorated as a thrill ride inside a velociraptor paddock (what could possibly go wrong with that idea?), this coaster is also notable for using launches rather than brakes to separate its block zones. The result is an ever-accelerating adventure.

It all starts with a rush through the intimately decorated raptor paddock - which would be a great ride on its own. But that's just the first act, to be followed by another launch up and over the ride's iconic 155-foot top hat for an exhilarating view of the park. After that, the ride's third act delivers almost non-stop hangtime and airtime, finishing with a fan-favorite "mosasaurus roll" just feet above the Islands of Adventure lagoon. (Heck, I'm smiling again just writing this description.)

Other top coasters in this year's survey included:

You can see Theme Park Insider readers' Top 30 coasters ranked at themeparkinsider.com/rollercoasters.

More 2024 Theme Park Insider Award winners:

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Replies (3)

January 1, 2024 at 11:00 AM

Just missed this soft open by about a week when it was first unveiled. Can’t wait to ride!

January 1, 2024 at 11:53 AM

Good list. VelociCoaster is still on my bucket list. Had hoped to get back to Orlando to ride it before the end of the year but got COVID and ended up being hospitalized for three days. Maybe in February.

January 1, 2024 at 11:02 PM

Guess it's time for the annual sharing of my personal top 30 coasters (*rode in 2023):

1. Iron Gwazi (Busch Gardens Tampa)
2. VelociCoaster (Universal Studios Islands of Adventure)
3. F.L.Y. (Phantasialand)
4. Hakugei* (Nagashima Spa Land)
5. Steel Vengeance (Cedar Point)
6. Twisted Timbers (Kings Dominion)
7. Lightning Rod (Dollywood)
8. Storm Chaser (Kentucky Kingdom)
9. Wicked Cyclone (Six Flags New England)
10. Twisted Colossus* (Six Flags Magic Mountain)
11. Fury 325 (Carowinds)
12. Skyrush (Hersheypark)
13. Intimidator 305 (Kings Dominion)
14. Maverick (Cedar Point)
15. El Toro (Six Flags Great Adventure)
16. Expedition GeForce (Holiday Park)
17. Pantheon* (Busch Gardens Williamsburg)
18. Taron (Phantasialand)
19. Flying Dinosaur* (Universal Studios Japan)
20. Schwur des Karnan (Hansa-Park)
21. Shambhala (PortAventura Park)
22. Voyage (Holiday World)
23. X2* (Six Flags Magic Mountain)
24. Millennium Force (Cedar Point)
25. Superman the Ride (Six Flags New England)
26. Outlaw Run* (Silver Dollar City)
27. Phantom's Revenge (Kennywood)
28. Iron Rattler* (Six Flags Fiesta Texas)
29. Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Coaster* (Six Flags Fiesta Texas)
30. Time Traveler* (Silver Dollar City)

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