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Maverick is an excellent roller coaster in Frontiertown and one of the best attractions at Cedar Point. The minimum height to ride is 52 inches.

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This 4,400-foot-long Intamin coaster has a LSM "lift" hill and a LSM launch in a tunnel underneath the station. The first hill is 105 feet tall and drops at a 95 degree angle. The coaster includes several airtime hills and 2 inversions; Maverick originally was supposed to have 3 inversions, but the heartline roll was taken out (It put lots of stress on the trains) leaving Maverick with 2 inversions.

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The one thing I need to say is this coaster is not for the faint of heart. It is as wild as you can get. If you like intense rides or your extremely crazy, this is the ride for you. I personally loved it and thought the second part of it, after the launch was super fun. I was pleasantly surprised by how powerful that lunch was. It ranks in my top 4 coasters I’ve ridden. Highly recommend it to anyone who can wrangle the Wild West.

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