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Millennium Force

Millennium Force is an excellent roller coaster in Frontier Trail and one of the best attractions at Cedar Point. The minimum height to ride is 48 inches.

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The first giga coaster, Millennium Force was built in 2000 by Intamin. it is 310 ft. tall with a 300ft. drop at 80 degrees, reaching a top speed of 93 MPH. Features two above-ground tunnels, three airtime hills and four overbanked turns.

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Reviews of Millennium Force

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With absolutely wonderful views, awesome speed, and powerful thrills, Millennium Force deserves to be discussed as one of the best coasters in the nation. Yeah, there is almost no airtime on the ride, but it is all about smooth, sweet, wonderful speed. It is not my favorite coaster at Cedar Point (Maverick holds that honor), but it is definitely a winner. Keep in mind that rider throughput is not very good for a headliner (maybe 1300 an hour if they are running good), so lines can become excessively long. Ride early or ride late, because midday two hour waits are common. No coaster is worth a two hour wait, but this one comes close!

Great views and speed in the front. Good floater airtime in the back. Kind of mediocre in the middle.

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