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Refreshed with new animatronics, show lighting and special effects in 2014, Bud Hurlbut's 1960 Calico Mine Ride remains one of the most influential dark rides in the theme park industry. Step into one of the ore carts for your trip down into the gold mine, where you'll see miners at work. But watch out! The miners are laying down dynamite and you'd better get out before it's too late.

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It's a nice attraction that'll help you get out of the sun for 7 minutes or so. The animatronics don't really hold up today but what can I say... the ride opened 50 years ago. It's enjoyable and quite well themed for Knotts.

A decent dark ride/train experience. This is not thrilling, but it's a well done dark ride from a company more known for roller coasters.

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