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Roller Coaster - 54 inches to ride
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A Premier Rides launched coaster that sends riders on a two-lap race around a Mobius-strip-style track. Along the way, riders will experience four launches — hitting a top speed of 55 miles per hour — three zero G rolls and a zero G stall for four total inversions, and 30 total interactions with the other train, including the "high five" familiar to Magic Mountain fans from Twisted Colossus.

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Though not as thrilling as some of the other coasters at the park, it is a welcome addition to Magic Mountain. The racing and high five elements work much better here than on Twisted Colossus. In my opinion, the station and theming is much better than most of the other Magic Mountain coasters. The only thing I would change is the waiting tunnel and the restraints. It's basically a lapbar with annoying over the shoulder restraints. While riding, I felt like they weren't doung much to keep me secure, the lapbar was enough. The coaster would be more comfortable and thrilling if it only had a lapbar. Also, the waiting tunnel is themed so horribly. Six Flags could've gotten creative here but oh well. Overall, I enjoyed this new addition to my home amusement park.

Low capacity, poor station design

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