Visitors Guide to Tokyo DisneySea

Tokyo DisneySea

The Tokyo Disney Resort's second gate opened September 4, 2001 and welcomed nearly 15 million visitors in 2019, making it the world's fourth-most visited theme park, with Tokyo Disneyland just ahead in third. With a concept originally conceived as a second gate for Disneyland on a site adjacent to the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California, Tokyo DisneySea is a six-time winner of our Theme Park Insider Award as the world's best theme park.

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Our recommendations below come from our ongoing survey of Theme Park Insider readers. Locations with star ratings ranked especially highly among our readers. Vote here to take part in our surveys and submit your picks for top attractions.

New in 2024

Fantasy Springs: A new "port" between Arabian Coast and Lost River Delta that will include four new attractions, three restaurants and a hotel, with the attractions themed to the Disney films "Frozen," "Tangled," and "Peter Pan." Opening June 6, 2024.

What to Do

Top 10

  1. Journey to the Center of the Earth ★ ★ ★
    Dark ride with high-speed finish in the Jules Verne-themed Mysterious Island. Height requirement: 46 inches
  2. Indiana Jones - Temple of the Crystal Skull ★ ★ ★
    Motion-base ride in Lost River Delta. (Same ride as Disneyland's Indiana Jones Adventure.) Height requirement: 46 inches
  3. Tower of Terror
    Indoor drop ride in American Waterfront. Note that the theme here is Disney's made-up explorer Harrison Hightower, not The Twilight Zone. Height requirement: 40 inches
  4. Sindbad's Storybook Voyage
    Indoor musical boat ride in Arabian Coast
  5. Soaring: Fantastic Flight
    Flying theater in Mediterranean Harbor. Height requirement: 40 inches
  6. Toy Story Mania
    Interactive dark ride in American Waterfront
  7. Fortress Explorations
    Interactive exhibitions in the Citadel Fortress on Mysterious Island
  8. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
    Dark ride on Mysterious Island
  9. Raging Spirits
    A 1,969-foot Intamin loop coaster in Lost River Delta with a top speed of 37 mph and one inversion. Height requirement: 46 inches
  10. Nemo and Friends SeaRider
    A motion-base show in Port Discovery. Height requirement: 35 inches

Other notable attractions include Aquatopia in Port Discovery; the Flounder's Flying Fish Coaster Togo children's coaster and the Triton's Kingdom indoor play area - featuring several kiddie rides - in Mermaid Lagoon; and Caravan Carousel and the Jasmine's Flying Carpets spinner in Arabian Coast. Transportation rides in the park include Venetian Gondolas in Mediterranean Harbor, DisneySea Transit Steamer Line between Mediterranean Harbor, Lost River Delta and American Waterfront, and the DisneySea Electric Railway between Port Discovery and American Waterfront.

What to Eat

Top recommendations

  1. Magellan's
    Table service restaurant inside the Citadel Fortress on Mysterious Island. This is the world headquarters of Disney's Society of Explorers and Adventurers.
  2. S.S. Columbia Dining Room
    Table service dining aboard the ocean liner on the American Waterfront.

Park Map

To reach the Tokyo Disney Resort, take the JR (Japan Railway) Keiyo Line/Musashino Line to Maihama Station. Or take a bus from Narita Airport, purchasing your ticket at the Airport Limousine Bus Ticket Counter in the Narita Airport Arrival Lobby.