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Counter Service Restaurant

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A “Hollywood studio commissary” might sound exciting, until you remember that a commissary is just the studio’s employee cafeteria. Did you really come on vacation to eat at a restaurant themed to an employee cafeteria, even if it is ABC’s? Given the low average reader ratings for this indoor counter-service restaurant, we’re guessing that the consensus answer is “no.” The menu includes salads, cheeseburgers, and a club sandwich, for around $8-12.


It is what it is. When ordering counter service from a theme park, don't expect a 5 star quality. For what it's worth, it's an ok spot for a quick lunch.
I found my experience at the ABC Commissary, Outstanding. They have changed up the food choices, and it was not as bad as other's have mentioned.

The staff was very friendly, and a CM actually came by our table to make sure we had everything we needed. I tend to eat at off-peak hours and there was no line, and we didn't wait very long as all for our meal to come out!

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