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The Three Broomsticks

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 8 out of 10

Counter Service Restaurant

Robert Niles

Photo of The Three Broomsticks

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Published: February 16, 2015

A counter-service restaurant serving fish and chips, shepherd's pie, Cornish pasties, smoked chicken, turkey legs, ribs, from $8-15. There's a "Great Feast" of salad, smoked chicken and ribs, corn on the cob, roasted potatoes, that serves four for $50. You can buy your Butterbeer with or without a meal in here, too, providing another option to get your sugar fix on. (By the way, we know that Butterbeer does include sugar, and not high fructose corn syrup. J.K. Rowling demanded that Universal not use HFCS in any Wizarding World food. That's why you can't order a Coke in The Three Broomsticks.)

If the restaurant looks familiar, it should. The production designer for the Harry Potter movies, Stuart Craig, worked with Universal Creative to design the restaurant while the Wizarding World was in development. Craig later recreated this look for the interior scenes of The Three Broomsticks in the later Harry Potter films.

Katya Glanville Vella
You can't say you've been to the Wizarding World unless you've eaten here. The theming is brilliant and the queuing is fantastic. As someone said the shepherd's pie is not too brilliant but the rest of the food is. I particularly recommend the split pea soup and the corn on the cob. The drinks of course are tops; if only I could have a butterbeer right now!
Panagiota Shaw
If the weather permits sit outside, the view is pretty cool back there.
David L.
Good food. Great theme. 9/10.

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