Motiongate Dubai Premieres Original IP Theater Show

February 14, 2021, 1:54 PM · Much is changing at Dubai Parks & Resorts. We told you earlier about the nine new attractions over Bollywood Parks Dubai. Now the resort's Motiongate Dubai theme park has opened a new live theater show.

"Into the Deadlands: Ice Storm" is running in the park's Hollywood Theater, apparently replacing the "Step Up Dubai: All In" dance show that had been running since the park's 2016 debut. Here's a sneak peek from the resort.

From the park's description, "If you ever wanted to get up close to the thrills, chills and spills of a real film shooting, join resident movie director, Felicia M. Reel, and her film crew as they shoot Into the Deadlands: Ice Storm - an original action movie brought to you by Motiongate Dubai."

As the blurb said, Into the Deadlands is an original IP concept from the park, one that it used before in a maze for its Motiongate Fright Nights 2 event in 2019. The new show also gives Motiongate its first attraction that offers a "behind the scenes" look at the filmmaking process - something that's typically a staple of studio-themed parks. But while Motiongate is themed to look like a movie studio, it never pretended to actually be one before. The park's theme was more a celebration of its studio partners' IP.

One of those studios is Lionsgate, which owns the Step Up franchise. Here's what I wrote about that show when Motiongate opened:

"A high-energy musical performance starring an international crew of hip-hop dancers, the show is based on the Step Up film franchise, but this is as solid a live stage show as anything over at Bollywood Parks next door — or any other theme park I've visited. No, it doesn't have Bollywood's elaborate costuming or decoration, but that's not hip-hop's style. The dancers here perform with precision, emotion, and an obvious drive to get your hands off your armrests and into the air. It's the must-see attraction in the park right now, and scores a bonus point for offering what might be the most comfortable theater seats I've ever had the pleasure sitting on."

For what it's worth, the Entertainment Director who oversaw the Step Up show and other productions at Dubai Parks, Elaine Hinds, went on to produce a little thing called Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure at Universal Orlando's Islands of Adventure, which sits atop our world roller coaster rankings this year.

Dropping Step Up for an original IP might save some licensing expenses for Dubai Parks, which is trying to go private following years of losses. But Motiongate is not abandoning studio IP for all new attractions. The park has two themed rides on deck to open this year: John Wick: Open Contract - an S&S 4D Free Fly Coaster, and Now You See Me: High Roller - a Maurer Rides spinning coaster.

Those coasters, along with the new Bollywood rides, became available when Dubai Parks dropped plans to put them into a planned Six Flags park that was to become the resort's fourth theme park gate, after Bollywood Parks, Motiongate, and Legoland Dubai.

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Replies (2)

February 15, 2021 at 3:13 AM

Looks amazing! Can't wait to see the show! Seems like a lot of production work and planning were put into this. Joshua

February 15, 2021 at 12:11 PM

This looks pretty amazing -- like Cirque du Soleil but not produced by Cirque du Soleil.

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