Genting Skyworlds' Opening Is Delayed Again

June 8, 2021, 5:01 PM · It looks like the pandemic has delayed the opening of the Genting SkyWorlds theme park in Malaysia again - this time until December.

The new park is part of Resorts World Genting, which was forced to close on June 1 due to another national lockdown in Malaysia. Analysts now predict that the closure will extend through the summer, further delaying SkyWorlds' opening until December.

When it opens, Genting SkyWorlds will feature more than 20 attractions across nine themed lands, including the new Mad Ramp Peak - Full Throttle Racing coaster from Dynamic Attractions, as well as dark rides Night at the Museum: Midnight Mayhem, Invasion of the Planet of the Apes, and Ice Age: Expedition Thin Ice.

Ice Age: Expedition Thin Ice

The park's use of Fox IP got caught up in Disney's acquisition of that studio, which both parties eventually settled. Meanwhile, in the United States, owner Genting Group is opening Resorts World Las Vegas on June 24. Built on the site of the old Stardust Hotel, Resorts World Las Vegas will feature three hotels and a 2.7-acre casino... but no theme park.

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Replies (1)

June 13, 2021 at 5:29 PM

A human interest topic related to everything "Genting" :

I'm now wording (evocating) the knowledge, history and feelings of the Malay population, I'm NOT quite interested in the theme park industry topic as such, in THIS specific context. It's about the HUMAN PERSPECTIVE, in this case.

Here we go :
In Malaysia, the Genting corp. is in no way "loved" by the original Malay population. It's a prototype of a discriminating Chinese-Malay corp. as the Chinese are an historic minority in the country, however occupying the majority of big businesses. Those got, over the past 30 years, strongly infiltrated by Chinese (China-China) capital and are crushing with "much pleasure and arrogance" the Malay society.
This is not only financially so, but it includes refusing to speak the Bahasa Malay (national language) while only proceeding in Mandarin and English as their business languages. Also, ruling out any native Malay people from getting into executive functions ever. It's 'Chinese for Chinese only'.
(With the Horse of Troy present since very long on the peninsula, the neo-chinese parasite state Singapore... )
This double capital holding and socio cultural aspect of the problem (new collonialism) is upsetting the Malay society in the core of their feelings, in their heart.
Gambling, is notably an eyesore for traditional peacefull and very tolerant islamic society in Malaysia. (The islam in Malaysia has never been brought by the sword, like most countries who were occupied by Arabs and Turks/Moghuls throughout history, they acquired it historically, simply by trade contacts, and got mingled with the much older cultural aspects.)
The Genting Resorts park therefore is seen as the symbolic culmination of all the unwanted Chinese domination in the country. (As if not symbolic enough, placed on a mountain top...) And ironically, remember, also the DISNEY co. was negative in doing business there (by inherited principles) due to the tie with gambling !

If we cannot be critical within any business field, we're lost in humanitarian prespective.
IN Malaysia, for the majority of the population, everything "Genting Resort" feels painfull.
I think, at least the 'international leisure industry world' must know this. (But there is not much morality left in the whole business, alas.)
Food for Thought.

Extra note :
The most specific moral-cultural objection from the side of the original Malay population, goes as follows:
Within certain limits, they are tolerant towards the existence of gambling on the Malay territory. ('Tolerant', especially from the viewpoint of a more traditional islamic value called "material modesty".) So, they are not openly or strictly opposed to the gambling industry, as it appears to be an adult reality with "some kind of people".
However, when the gambling business is getting mixed up with theme park activities, and as such involving minors, within that cultural context it's absolutely a bridge too far. Then they consider it to be an utmost immorality.
The simple fact that American companies (in this case "Fox") cooperate with the Chinese gambling giant to install this "de facto immorality" in Malaysia (viewpoint of the population) turns this USA-media-company into an accomplice in the humanitarian despise.

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