Disneyland Raises Ticket Prices, Ends Some Annual Pass Sales

October 25, 2021, 4:16 AM · Prices for multi-day tickets to Disneyland's theme parks are going up from about 6 to nearly 9 percent today. In addition, the resort has added a sixth tier to its one-day ticket prices, which sees Disneyland's most expensive one-day tickets rising $15, to $224 for a Park Hopper.

In addition, parking is going up $5 to $30 per car. That's big news for many of Disneyland's Magic Key passholders, since many do not have free parking benefits on their passes.

On the subject of Magic Key, Disneyland also has stopped selling the highest priced of its Magic Key annual passes, the Dream Key, declaring it "sold out." The Dream Key was the only level that included free parking and no blockout dates. The three remaining pass levels - Believe Key, Enchant Key and Imagine Key - remain available for purchase at their previous prices. Like with daily tickets, all Disneyland Magic Key passes require advance reservations to use on specific dates - and that reservation system will continue, Disneyland officials said.

As for those daily tickets, prices for Disneyland's one-park-per-day multi-day tickets went up $20 each, while multi-day Park Hoppers went up $25. If you want to get Disneyland tickets at the old prices, our authorized travel partner has a limited inventory of those tickets available on its Disneyland tickets page. You can save $28-43 a ticket on one-park-per-day tickets and $35-51 a ticket on Park Hoppers when you buy through our partner.

Here are how the official ticket prices have changed.

One Park Per Day Prices

Park Hopper Prices

The addition of a sixth tier for Disneyland's one-day ticket prices moves the resort closer to a true dynamic pricing model for single-day tickets. The cheapest of those remained unchanged at $104 - the price first set back in 2019 - even as prices for most dates have increased.

In addition to the $5 increase for resort parking, hotel parking rates have gone up $15 for all levels - to $40 a day for self-parking, $45 for oversized parking, and $50 for valet. Disneyland this morning also announced this morning that it will resume tram service between its parking garages and the parks, likely early next year.

Again, for a last-chance at buying Disneyland and Disney California Adventure tickets at the old prices, please visit our our authorized partner's Disneyland tickets page.

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Replies (11)

October 25, 2021 at 8:01 AM

This isn’t going to stop is it? Honestly…I get trying to recoup some of the revenue lost due to the COVID closures but at what point do they start to price out a good chunk of their customers?

October 25, 2021 at 9:11 AM

Little surprises by this. Thought Genie+ and individual Lightning Lane purchases being the upsells that they are would hold off ticket increases this year. But, no, Disney raised prices at Disneyland BEFORE those options were even available. Now I’m worried how soon the same will happen at Disney World.

October 25, 2021 at 10:09 AM

I find it interesting that Disney has sold out of the Dream Keys. That kind of confirms my thinking that the lower tier Keys were not good values at those price points, and were far too limiting in terms of blackouts and the few features/benefits of the program as a whole. Obviously those lower tier Keys are comparable in price to the old AP program tiers, but the more affordable tiers offer little value to guests that were no longer tied to an ongoing subscription or legacy of holding APs for years upon years. Disney essentially bit themselves in the foot by cancelling the old AP program and forcing guests to select a Key if they want to visit Disneyland frequently. The serious fans went immediately for the highest tier with the fewest restrictions, while those that were long time APs, but not the biggest fans either chose not to buy a Key (because they realized they were spending hundreds of dollars a year on something they weren't using and were now off the hook when Disney cancelled their APs) or took a wait and see approach to see if the Park Pass system would allow lower priced Keys to be viable (i.e. enough days available to lower tier Key holders). The jury is still out on the Park Pass system, so the lower tier Keys are still of questionable value because a Key Holder has no assurance that they can actually visit on days that are not blacked out without reserving months in advance.

Now that Dream Keys are "sold out", those who were sitting on the sideline waiting to see how the program would shake out before investing, are stuck out in the cold. The question is what will Disney do now? Will they improve the benefits for the lower tier Keys to make them more attractive (reduced blackouts, easier reservation process, or add-ins like Genie+ or ILL as "sweeteners")? Will they alter the pricing structure? Will they reduce the benefits of the Dream Key so they can increase the number of people that can buy it and make it less attractive to current holders?

The other big question is will the Dream Key now become a relic that NOBODY can ever buy again because existing holders will just keep renewing (even with increasing costs)? As with so many new initiatives by Disney over the past year, they have completely misread the market, and now have to adapt smartly and quickly before they face consumer backlash.

As far as price increases, I think Disney needs to be really careful. People who were not financially impacted by the pandemic are being more free with their spending right now because of an overarching "YOLO" attitude, particularly when it comes to travel. However, the view is not going to last long. Disney prices only ever go in one direction (UP), so they have to be careful not to overreact to the general enthusiasm and free spending of the moment, because eventually that money will dry up (and quickly) when attitudes change (might get 1 or 2 visits per guest where they are "free spending"). I think this is a horrible mistake that will probably look good on balance sheets through 2022, but will lead to lot of pain in the long term.

October 25, 2021 at 11:17 AM

Those ticket price increases don't factor in the added-on Genie+ and lightning line costs.

And hey, it costs even more to stay at the hotels and you still don't get magic morning hours! I love paying $800 a night to stay in what's effectively a Best Western room while receiving zero perks!

October 25, 2021 at 11:39 AM

Mr. Meyer makes a great point in his post that right now there is a lot of folks spending cash because of the whole being cooped up during the pandemic thing. I agree with the "YOLO" mentality going on now. Unfortunately I just don't see Disney ever changing their ways. Why would they? The parks are mobbed. They were before the pandemic and they are now. I hate these price increases and a paid Genie+ and Lighting Lane as much as the next person, but truth be told people will pay. Disney has an unbelievable gold mine with their parks and they're just being capitalist. 200 dollar a day (non-park hopper) is going to be a reality by this decade.

October 25, 2021 at 12:19 PM

Ik there are lots of factors at play with this but...

Love how Disney increased the price for parking and also got stopped selling the only pass that got free parking.

It's now more expensive to go to Disney than ever with less and less value. Now it'll be even more expensive with Genie+. If I have to pay more than I used to with less value, that just shows even more proof of the path Disney will continue to take. Heck, I remember when the Grand Californian was around $250-350 a night and when tickets used to be under $100... and that wasn't even 10 years ago.

October 25, 2021 at 6:11 PM

Sad that this is the true nature of the beast. Demand for Disney is high and always will be. Ive always stated Disney is just one big cult that people devote their lives too. I used to be a pass holder for a while but didnt renew my pass due to increase in prices and the reservation system being a nuisance to pass holders. I just hate when Disney jacks up prices when they dont bring anything new to the parks or add a minimal addition. Its like when DHS kept raising in prices during the big overhaul

October 25, 2021 at 6:34 PM

Yeesh. I get that Disney’s a business and they want to make their money back from all the time they were closed, but this is getting ridiculous- and based on the fact that the Dream tier is “sold out” ( for now, anyway) Disney’s got no incentive to stop. I can’t help but wonder what’s going to happen when we’re completely back to “normal” (whatever that winds up being), and if the mass of people who are Disney fans will finally say “enough”.

I’ve already seen a lot of friends who were hard-core fans of the Park who decided not to renew their APs prior to Disney closing the old AP program, and more of them who decided to pass on Magic Key, and I can’t help but wonder if they’re the canary in the coal mine, or if Disney’s right and there are plenty more suckers out there who they can count on to take their places. I know I’m out for the foreseeable future.

October 25, 2021 at 7:36 PM

"Best Western"? Um...ok...

October 25, 2021 at 10:55 PM

You never stayed at a Best Western? It's like a Motel 6 or any other cheaper hotel: one room, two beds, maybe a couch, tiny porch, tiny bathroom. Aka exactly what you get at the Grand Californian or the other DL hotels at the exorbitant base price.

October 27, 2021 at 10:13 AM

it is also worth repeating that while it is true many are priced out by these increases, this was *also* true 10 years ago. disneyland has long been inaccessible to a large swath of the population and the notion of the magic kingdom being some kind of melting pot where all socioeconomic classes are welcome is as much fantasy as uh ... well, you get it.

to be clear: it is bad. it is a disney problem because disney pays lip service to the idea it is a socially responsible company (i know, pause for laughter). but in the end, it is an america problem and it is a capitalism problem. and i know none of us are interested in unpacking that here.

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