Podcast: Bob Rogers and 40 Years of BRC Imagination Arts

November 11, 2021, 4:54 PM · Forty years ago, fresh from producing what would become the longest-running film in motion picture history, Bob Rogers started his own themed entertainment design firm. Today, Rogers stands in the IAAPA Hall of Fame and BRC Imagination Arts endures as one of the leading creative forces in the industry.

For our new episode of Theme Park Insider's Building The World’s Best Theme Parks podcast, I talked with Bob about the start of BRC Imagination Arts, filming the record-setting "Impressions de France," the evolution of storytelling in themed entertainment, why Walt Disney Imagineering acts like a dragon, the impact of Covid on the industry, and what challenges theme parks and their designers must address in the years ahead.

And we also talked about the importance of 20-liter stainless steel whisky kegs. So don't miss that.

You can find links to subscribe to our podcast via your favorite platform on our podcast home page. And for more about BRC's work, please read our reviews of attractions created by Rogers and the team at BRC Imagination Arts:

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