Here's What Theme Park Fans Are Talking About This Week

February 19, 2023, 4:51 PM · Last week, Theme Park Insider revived its Discussion Forum, and I would like to thank everyone who stopped by to browse and to participate in the new threads there. In case you missed it, here are some of those new threads on the forum.

Roll Call: Who has worked for a theme park?

We started the board by asking anyone who has worked for a park at any point to answer our roll call. If you are - or ever have been - a theme park industry insider, here is your chance to let us know and share a favorite story or two.

Billion Dollar Question- will Critter Country at Disneyland be annexed into New Orleans Square?

Splash Mountain is closed now at Walt Disney World' Magic Kingdom but remains open at Disneyland... and probably will until the revamped Mickey's Toontown reopens March 19 and Disneyland can reassign construction resources across the park to work on the Tiana's Bayou Adventure project. But that's not stopping Theme Park Insider readers from thinking ahead and considering the future of the rest of Splash Mountain's Critter Country land.

Differences between Disneyland in CA and Magic Kingdom in FL?

It's a classic question, so why not provide a fresh answer for these ever-changing, always-popular theme parks?

What is your favorite now-unavailable theme park food?

Ah, nostalgia. The forum always is open to anyone wanting to share fond memories from past park visits.

Name and shame: Who's the worst for nickel-and-diming?

It's also open for anyone looking to avoid getting ripped off in the parks. There are some great responses here, including a detailed take-down of SeaWorld Parks' recent pricing practices.

My 1st of 4 2023 Disney resort visits

Trip reports are always welcomed on the forum, too.

Preventing heat rash from walking around the parks

As is anyone seeking advice on how to make the most of their day, including staying healthy and comfortable. Maybe these response can help you on your next trip, too.

Stand-alone attractions worth the time?

If all you know are the big-name parks, there are plenty of stand-alone attractions around the world - often designed by the same people who worked on the big-name parks - that are worth your time, money and attention. Let's share those names here.

Travel rewards programs that you can recommend?

Do you use credit card or frequent traveler reward programs? Share your experience, and advice, in this thread.

What is the best theme park festival?

Finally, I just posted this question, as we are in the thick of festival season now in Florida and California. Which ones have been your favorites?

Thank you, again, for reading and participating on Theme Park Insider.

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