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Live Musical Show

Photo of Aladdin

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A 50-minute live musical based on the Disney animated film, featuring five songs from the movie, plus one new composition, and an ever-changing collection of topical jokes from the Genie. In September 2015, Disney announced that Aladdin will close on January 10, 2016, to be replaced by a new Frozen-themed musical.


Why are they closing this for Frozen. A couple of years and Frozen will be obsolete.
This is easily the best Disney show I've ever seen. It keeps you entertained throughout the show's entirety. JUST GO SEE IT. 10/10
I go too see this show EVERYTIME I visit the parks, because I love it so so much. I've began too learn too some of the lines, so when I watch the movie I recite them. But alas, the show is kept fresh and new everytime I watch it because of the amazing Genie! He has new jokes everytime which are changed too fit the times. Some of my favorites are the Beyonce joke, the Kardashian joke, and the Miley Cyrus joke. Its amazing for all ages and it will leave you laughing like crazy. MUST see!
Disney's Aladdin – A Musical Spectacular is a Broadway caliber, lavish, 60-minute tour de force of delightful songs, spectacular dancing, amazing props and special effects, sweeping romance, and tremendous fun. A breezy, truncated live version of the Aladdin animated film, this show features all your favorite songs from the film, plus one new ballad, and yes, a "real" flying carpet. What a wonderful show, one of the, if not the most elaborately staged shows at any theme park.
FABULICIOUSLY FANTASTICALLISTIC! We sat center mezannine and it was what I think are the best seats in the house. Lower level gets a chance to inteact with cast though, so I might try that next time. The Genie is HILAIOUS and so was Iago and it's a great way to cool off as the show is abotu 45 minutes and the theater is nice and cool. This and world of color TOTALLY worth the price of admission all on their own!
what an incredible show this was ive only seen it once but i was in awe, the geenie and Jafar were hilarious!!! this show is a must see.

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