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Jim Henson's MuppetVision 3D

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 7 out of 10


Robert Niles

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Published: June 9, 2012

A 3D flick, featuring the Muppets utterly messing up their "big break" movie production.

Super Sam
Best show at a adventure. I love the muppets so much that I did a biography on Jim Henson! Anyway, awesome show
Four out of Five Stars
Super Sam
Best show at a adventure. I love the muppets so much that I did a biography on Jim Henson! Anyway, awesome show
Four out of Five Stars
Ronald McNally
If you don't like the muppets, I don't like you.
Elia Juarez
Cute! Especially if you are a muppet fan. Several characters come off the screen and interact with the audience. Kind of odd that some of the action takes place behind the audience though - you have to turn around in your chair to see.
Carl Stovall
I vote weak since I didn't get to see the film. They were only showing previews for Oz: The Great and Powerful, so my kids missed out on the chance to see the Muppets (which they were excited about with the recent movie that they now watch all the time).
Alex Taphorn
It's a great film, and the recent movie should renew your kid's interest in the muppets enough for them to enjoy it as well. My only complaints are the cheesy side plot with Waldo and Bean, and that Beaker didn't get hurt enough.
If any Disney executives see this, please try and rework the movie so that we get to see a flaming Beaker puppet run across the stage.
Jeff Haslam
First, let me say that I'm a huge Muppet fan and have been for years. The MuppetVision isn't bad, if it were standing on its own. The problem is, it competes with itself and the Tough to be A Bug Show 100 yards away...and in doing so, pales in its comparison. It would be better suited in a place that it could feed off other Muppet themed attractions...but as that is very unlikely, it's probably time to shutter this one and replace it with something a little more...I don't know...relevant to its surroundings?

I wouldn't say its a waste of time, especially for those of us that remember the old Muppet show. I don't mind it and I get the jokes, but my kids (14 and 16) roll their eyes when we head that direction. Most folks don't want to take in two 3-D movies at the same park on the same day and if you are short on time and only have the option of MuppetVision or Bug's...everyone is going to pick Bug's. In fact, many would probably pick to see Bugs twice, rather than a stop at each.

I'd rate it as a "meh, if you're bored."

daniel reyes
this is a fun 3d show and its great to see all the Muppets

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