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Monsters, Inc: Mike and Sulley to the Rescue

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"Monsters, Inc.: Mike and Sulley to the Rescue" opened in late December 2005 in the old "Superstar Limo" show building in the Hollywood Pictures Backlot section of Disney's California Adventure. Like its predecessor, Monsters, Inc. is a dark ride, but the similarity pretty much ends there.

This attraction offers a slow taxicab ride through the city of Monstropolis. Of course, something goes terribly wrong and we soon find that a - gasp! - human child is running loose in the city. Which should sound familiar to anyone who has seen the 2001 Pixar film upon which this ride is based. The ride breaks no new narrative ground, but encapsulates the animated hit with solid animatronic storytelling.

The cheesy figurines from Superstar Limo are long gone, replaced with Mike, Sulley, Randall Boggs, Roz and the toddler Boo, whom Mike and Sulley must return to her bedroom in the human world before Monstropolis' Child Detection Agency gets her. Toddlers will have fun trying to find the animatronic Boo in each scene, and the musical score and pleasant visuals will keep older kids and adults at least moderately entertained. Disney's Imagineers have thrown in a few treats, too: Breathe deep the aroma of ginger while driving through Harryhausen's sushi restaurant, for example.


I find this to be the hidden gem of DCA. I just love this little dark ride. There is usually never any wait for it and it is just such a fun time. It has nice sets, funny gags and scenes, neat smells, and really cool effects. I love the last room with all of the doors, it looks so real! As well, as Boo hitting Randall Buggs and he turns different colors and Roz talking to your vehicle at the end. This ride is far superior to Monsters Inc Laugh Floor at Magic Kingdom as this is simply more fun and a joy. While it is definitely nothing like the amazing version in Tokyo, this is still a very underrated ride that families and kids will love! 8.5/10
I really liked, it's entertaining and amusing.
Cute and well-done ride, but the best part is the interactive monster at the end! Great replacement for the AWFUL Superstar Limo!
It's a pretty good dark ride. The queue has great theming. I like that the ride actually has conflict, unlike Little Mermaid. I found a lot of moments on the ride to be hilarious.
Fun little ride and the kid liked it too. Wasn't busy which was nice but it is hidden a little.
7/10 - It's fun to ride. The animatronics aren't very animated, and the ride is kind of dull and unambitious, but its still fun. It has a great queue, it's fun to pretend you're on a taxi in Monstropolis, and the scenes were definitely well done. It's on par with the Fantasyland dark rides over in Disneyland, although not as good as Ariel's, which is a short walk away.

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