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Monsters, Inc: Mike and Sulley to the Rescue

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 7 out of 10

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"Monsters, Inc.: Mike and Sulley to the Rescue" opened in late December 2005 in the old "Superstar Limo" show building in the Hollywood Pictures Backlot section of Disney's California Adventure. Like its predecessor, Monsters, Inc. is a dark ride, but the similarity pretty much ends there.

This attraction offers a slow taxicab ride through the city of Monstropolis. Of course, something goes terribly wrong and we soon find that a - gasp! - human child is running loose in the city. Which should sound familiar to anyone who has seen the 2001 Pixar film upon which this ride is based. The ride breaks no new narrative ground, but encapsulates the animated hit with solid animatronic storytelling.

The cheesy figurines from Superstar Limo are long gone, replaced with Mike, Sulley, Randall Boggs, Roz and the toddler Boo, whom Mike and Sulley must return to her bedroom in the human world before Monstropolis' Child Detection Agency gets her. Toddlers will have fun trying to find the animatronic Boo in each scene, and the musical score and pleasant visuals will keep older kids and adults at least moderately entertained. Disney's Imagineers have thrown in a few treats, too: Breathe deep the aroma of ginger while driving through Harryhausen's sushi restaurant, for example.


I really liked, it's entertaining and amusing.
Cute and well-done ride, but the best part is the interactive monster at the end! Great replacement for the AWFUL Superstar Limo!
It's a pretty good dark ride. The queue has great theming. I like that the ride actually has conflict, unlike Little Mermaid. I found a lot of moments on the ride to be hilarious.
Fun little ride and the kid liked it too. Wasn't busy which was nice but it is hidden a little.
7/10 - It's fun to ride. The animatronics aren't very animated, and the ride is kind of dull and unambitious, but its still fun. It has a great queue, it's fun to pretend you're on a taxi in Monstropolis, and the scenes were definitely well done. It's on par with the Fantasyland dark rides over in Disneyland, although not as good as Ariel's, which is a short walk away.
Visually stunning, well imagined, paced, and presented, Mike and Sully to the Rescue is a hidden gem. One of the better dark rides at the US Disney parks. Even the queue area (once you get inside the building) is creative and fun. Along the ride I found the doors room to be especially interesting which leads me to expect big things from the flying doors coaster that might eventually make it to DCA as part of the oft rumored Monstropolis expansion.
Pretty much your standard dark ride. Cute themeing though.
I rate this commendable. The queue is great, the ride is great, and the scenes tell a great story. Though there really isn't much thrill involved, I would recommend this to anyone. The short lines make it even better, and the interactive Roz at the end of the ride is fun.
I struggle with this one. I rated it good because in quality and design, it's one of the best dark rides that Disney has. The problem is, and this may sound silly to many of you, but it doesn't really fit its surroundings. Disney just spent a billion dollars revamping its California Adventure park...and they did so beautifully. Carsland, World of Color, Buena Vista Street, the Red Car Trolly and the Paradise Pier makeover...all look fantastic.

But still, we are supposed to be experiencing "1920's Hollywood" as the way Walt would have seen it and in the midst of this beautiful area...the gaudy, ill themed show building for Monster's just looks out of place. And based on the film and ride's story line, it IS out of place.

To make matters worse for Monster's, now that Ariel has her own dark ride a few hundred yards away...and is MUCH better in design, appeal and theming, Monster' just an odd duck.

For those of you that don't care about the theming and experience, Monsters is well done and top notch among its dark ride brothers and sisters. It is lightyears better than any of the Fantasyland attractions...but maybe it belongs there rather than in the turn of the century Hollywood section of the park?

a good ride, my i think the Randall changing color scene is amazing and i also love the old lady monster at the end haha
Don't go on if the wait is longer than 10 minutes. The ride feels cheap and now that the Little Mermaid attraction is open it makes Monsters Inc. look even worse.
Used to be a great dark ride, but along with the opening of Little Mermaid, now a pretty good dark ride at DCA. I enjoyed the little surprise this ride has to offer at every corner. The scent at the sushi shop, the mirror effect in the door room, the changing color of Randoll, and the interactive Roz at the end. As a Monsters Inc. fan I am content of the story of this ride presents on a scene-by-scene basis. It hasn't really cut out a chunk of the story so it turns up comprehensive and also enjoyable. The line is never long for this ride either, especially now during the ElecTRONica party going directly infront of the ride building, it is always zero wait time at night. The only down side of the ride is lacking of real animatronic. I really wish someday they will have an improvement of the ride that features higher technology, otherwise this attraction will only remain its quality as a dark ride you'd think it's ok to skip when you're at the park.

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