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World of Color

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 9 out of 10

Outdoor Show

Robert Niles

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Published: February 14, 2015

Disney's World of Color wraps up each day at California Adventure with a 30-minute water and light show, featuring scenes from Disney and Pixar animated films, projected on massive water mist screens in Paradise Bay.

Dancing water fountains (and a few fire fountains) complete the show, which debuted in June 2010. World of Color might be the most popular attraction at the park, so arrive first thing in the morning to claim a FastPass reservation for a viewing area, or make an advance dining reservation that includes a preferred viewing position by calling 714-781-DINE.

Clayton Lott
Simply put, this show is fantastic! Of course, Fastpass strategy is crucial, and arriving at the distribution point early is a must. The Yellow" section is right in the middle, and offers great viewing of all aspects of the show. The sound system is outrageous, and the visual use of the surrounding attractions (Screamin', Mickey's Fun Wheel, etc.) is groundbreaking. This show is a must-see!
Jesus Eduardo de la Garza Robles
this show is great, but is a mess to find a place to see, because the tall people and kids many people cant see well, there should be seats as there is in fantasmic for disney hollywood studios
Kevin Erlendsson
World of Color is the Imagineers at their best. The timing of the water with the projections and music is perfect, and it captures magical Disney moments, taking them from the big screen to a wall of water. The color is absolutely dazzling.
James Rao
World of Color is an awesome spectacle, unlike anything my family has ever seen before. It is majestic, inspiring, thrilling, and quite simply the best way I can think of to end a day at a park. While Disney may have a crowd control nightmare on its hands, and while fans may get irritated at the completely unorganized mess that is the viewing area, the show certainly does not disappoint. And as you watch, all your frustration and irritation will fade as you realize World of Color is exactly what we expect from Disney: pure magic. Do not miss World of Color when you visit DCA, no matter how much of a pain it is to navigate to a good spot in the viewing area. It is worth the frustration, I promise.
Mike Saperstein
I was really disappointed in World of Color. The primary problem is the viewing area.

The show was quite long, and not all that interesting until the last 8 minutes or so. You basically have to stand up the whole time to see, and even standing, even being in a "Fastpass viewing area", even as an adult, it was hard to see all that much. Further, it was near impossible for my kids to see.

There were obviously some cool effects, in particular the fire effects during the battle part later in the show, but overall I thought the show itself was kind of "eh" when compared to Fantasmic, Illuminations, or the Magic Kingdom Fireworks shows.

We had a great day at California Adventure and enjoyed almost everything, most more-than-expected. But World of Color was overall pretty disappointing.

Elia Juarez
There are no words. MUST SEE. I never thought anything would be more awesome than Fantasmic, but DANG!!! This is GORGEOUS! My boyfriend and I were right up by the water thanks to Fast Pass (GET A FAST PASS!!!!) which was both good and bad as wehad a completely perfect view, but also got kind of soaked. Plus the fire effect were RIGHT in our face. AMAZING experience! I would pay for the ticket just to see this one show any time!
Carl Stovall
Perfection. Best night show I have ever seen at a theme park.
daniel reyes
this is such a beautiful breathtaking experience this show always leaves me in awe.
Jeremy Hu
After many years of transformation, Disney's California Adventure can finally stands along side of its twin-sister park, Disneyland. With the American Great Depression era theming added to the park and the additional Cars Land make the used-to unimpressive "side show" into a fully developed Disney quality theme park. one prove of my the theory is the nightly water spectacular World Of Color. It is great in scale, packed with Disney and Pixar's famous movie pieces has made this water show breath taking on its own. As an annual pass holder I have been to this park more than 25 times in the past year, and I always find improvement of the show every time I went. This is only to prove that Disney Resort never takes entertainment lightly. Over all, this show may be the top level water show around the world, and because of it I have been less impressed by any other water show around the world. So I am confident to say that World Of Color may be more than likely the best water show you can find around the globe. Make sure you don't miss it!
Sylvain Comeau
Very impressive show. Visually spectacular.

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