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A Day in the Park with Barney

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Live Musical Show

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This show featuring the friendly purple dinosaur from children’s TV takes places in an indoor theater made to look like a city park, where leaves and snowflakes fall from the sky. Barney, BJ, and Baby Bop star and encourage everyone in the crowd to get up and sing and dance during this 20-minute show. After the show, explore Barney’s Backyard, an indoor play area.


I second themeparks98's comment...WHY S IT HERE? Is this awful show even on TV anymore? I so agree that it's presence doesn't help USO!
So, why is this attraction still in USO? It's pretty obvious no one likes or cares for this, take it out. It's presence really doesn't help USO.
why is this attraction still open?
For those with kids these is a solid attraction and well done, the post show play area is also a nice distraction
I went into this one during a thunderstorm. I fell asleep during it. Another great waste of space in the WoodyWoodPecker zone! Barney isn't even shown on TV any more. 3/10
Can someone please explain to me why an attraction targeted toward the littlest kids would not allow strollers? It's absolutely ridiculous. We tried to bring our girls in and were kicked out because of the strollers, and told to carry the kids in if they were too small to walk. My husband and I tried explaining that we have triplets and between the two of us we can't carry three babies at once, but the employees refused to allow the strollers. They were very rude about it, too; they didn't even take the trouble to be polite. Not allowing strollers at the Barney show is like not allowing people in cowboy hats into a Garth Brooks concert. Insane.

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