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Hogwarts Express

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 9 out of 10

Track Ride

Robert Niles

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Published: February 16, 2015

Enter London’s King’s Cross station, where you’ll appear (to others) to pass through a brick wall to Platform 9 3/4 for your ride to Hogsmeade Village in Islands of Adventure .While on board this detailed replica (both inside and out) of the train from the Harry Potter films, you’ll encounter Dementors, runaway chocolate frogs, and other surprises. The characters and scenes you encounter while riding the Hogwarts Express are different as you ride in each direction. Note that you will need a Park-to-Park ticket to ride the Hogwarts Express, as you will exit in Islands of Adventure.

Alexandra Keene
:-•*P*E*R*F*E*C*T* ___‹^^^›_‹(•¿•)›_‹^^^›___*5 STAR'S*•-:¦:
Robert Parker
Great idea! If only they could find a way to not charge for park hopping.
michael sloan
Amazing and excellent theming. Great queue and great ride that ties Diagon alley, Kings Cross and Hogsmeade together perfectly. 10/10
Owen  Scott
The queue, theming & ride itself are all amazing. Well done. I don't think the lines are that bad
Leann Allred
Other then the long walk from the entrance to the train I personally LOVED IT!!!! ??
Cecilia Bacca
Great experience overall! It is mild but really cool and great way of transportation between the parks. The only AWFUL thing is the lines... LOL!
Daniel Galvan
This is exactly what universal needs. Mild rides that can be enjoyed by all ages.
Nick McKaig
Great ride! Excellent effects, excellent experience, and a fast way to get back and forth between the two parks. 9/10 (only because there were some weird pauses in the film, but overall great).
Rob Pastor
The realism of this attraction is a definite Wow factor. Kings Cross & Hogsmeade Stations are excellent. The train's entrance into the stations and its authentic look is breathtaking. Platform 9 3/4 seems to impress everyone. And the realistic outside sights and compartment door scenes are both entertaining & impressive. Plus it's great transportation between the parks, and maintains the Potter immersion. Once you're off the Hogsmeade Station, you're still in a Potter environment We found ourselves park hopping much more than in the past. And the ride has great capacity, which helps keep the waits reasonable. If any attraction ever deserved a 10 for perfection, this is the ride.
Michael Weissman
Amazingly well themed yet again, and a great trip in between parks. The downsides of this include a little bit of a "campy" feeling to the animations on the screens, and the pretty bad Emma Watson impressionist as Hermione. This is the best way to travel between parks though, and a great attraction to feel part of the Harry Potter universe. Most clever transportation system I've been on.
Ray  Havens
Absolutely amazing. The Hogwarts train ride is a must do if you're visiting Universal. Remember though, you must have the 2 park pass to ride it, but it is well worth the extra price. Also, they have two different shows, depending on which way you're going. I highly recommend doing them both.
Christy Hall
The theming of the Kings Cross and Hogsmeade train stations, as well as the interior of the train cars is amazing! It looks just like the movies. The video screens and hallway entertainment are cool, and it is the most fun way to park hop that I've ever experienced. My only complaint (as if there is anything to complain about on this ride) is that I wish it was longer!
Jonathan Katz
The queue is perfection. I actually thought I was in the London Underground. The ride is exceptional as well. An excellent screen and entertaining effects make this an immensely enjoyable experience. 10/10

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