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Enter London’s King’s Cross station, where you’ll appear (to others) to pass through a brick wall to Platform 9 3/4 for your ride to Hogsmeade Village in Islands of Adventure .While on board this detailed replica (both inside and out) of the train from the Harry Potter films, you’ll encounter Dementors, runaway chocolate frogs, and other surprises. The characters and scenes you encounter while riding the Hogwarts Express are different as you ride in each direction. Note that you will need a Park-to-Park ticket to ride the Hogwarts Express, as you will exit in Islands of Adventure.


The GOOD: Great ride with great immersion. Especially good for Potter fans who have always wanted to ride on the Hogwarts express.
The BAD: It is a little sad they did not have the actual actors. And being forced to pay for park hopping is a shame.
RATING: Great ride, if you want the extra charge. 9/10.
A first-of-its-kind ride that links locations in one themed experience, the Hogwarts Express provides two different “stories” for passengers to enjoy from King’s Cross Station to the Hogsmeade Station. Tons of characters make appearances, including Dementors. This is one of the most unique experiences I have ever had in a theme park. The King's Cross station is absolutely brilliant and it really makes it seem like you're boarding a train in London. The fact that it connects to both parks and drops you in both Harry Potter worlds is also quite amazing. The whole experience is also very immersive. The details on the exterior of the train, the steam effect when the train is in the station, and the interior of the train is picture perfect with the cabins makes it feel like you're in the movies. If you are going park to park, do not miss this immersive experience. 9/10
People fussed and fumed at the fact that one had to upgrade to a two park ticket to ride the Hogwarts Express. To those people, I say - Shut up. It is worth it. Every penny. I always thought the Twilight zone Tower of Terror at DHS was the greatest themed attraction every built, then I experienced this. TOT may still be the most thrilling, but this ride is as close to experiencing a real trip to Hogwarts that anyone will get.
I'd suggest taking the trip from Kingscross to Hogsmead first. Both stations are spectacular, but the trip to the castle is how it is first experienced in the books, so go with that.
A very impressive experience. The Kings Cross station is very well done, and the idea of Hogwarts Express going from park to park is a great one. Certainly a must do if you can get the park to park. 8/10
On one of our visits, we happen to ride this with some people that were from London. They said that this was pretty much spot on with the real Kings Cross. Well done.
It's a super enjoyable experience!
The realism of this attraction is a definite Wow factor. Kings Cross & Hogsmeade Stations are excellent. The train's entrance into the stations and its authentic look is breathtaking. Platform 9 3/4 seems to impress everyone. And the realistic outside sights and compartment door scenes are both entertaining & impressive. Plus it's great transportation between the parks, and maintains the Potter immersion. Once you're off the Hogsmeade Station, you're still in a Potter environment We found ourselves park hopping much more than in the past. And the ride has great capacity, which helps keep the waits reasonable. If any attraction ever deserved a 10 for perfection, this is the ride.
Universal hit gold with this one, connects the two parks in a perfect way, the line is amazing , and when your on the train everything that happends around you is amazing . If your a potter fan you will go crazy for this one, If your not that big of a potter fan you will still appriciate this train ride.
:-•*P*E*R*F*E*C*T* ___‹^^^›_‹(•¿•)›_‹^^^›___*5 STAR'S*•-:¦:
Great idea! If only they could find a way to not charge for park hopping.
Amazing and excellent theming. Great queue and great ride that ties Diagon alley, Kings Cross and Hogsmeade together perfectly. 10/10
The queue, theming & ride itself are all amazing. Well done. I don't think the lines are that bad
Other then the long walk from the entrance to the train I personally LOVED IT!!!! ??
Great experience overall! It is mild but really cool and great way of transportation between the parks. The only AWFUL thing is the lines... LOL!

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