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Revenge of the Mummy

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 9 out of 10

Roller Coaster
Minimum height to ride: 48 inches

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You're on the set of a Brendan Fraser Mummy movie, where some crew members believe the script's "Curse of the Mummy" is all too real. Many of them wear the symbol of the Med-Jai, warriors who protect "the Creature'" from being found and raised from the dead. After getting this backstory in the queue, you're on to the ride, a roller coaster through what's supposedly a movie set of an ancient Egyptian tomb.

Once on board, you learn that all these mummies aren't just props -- they're other tourists who have been captured and mummified in this very real Mummy's lair. As you turn a corner, a partially wrapped crew member warns you to get out, but it's too late. The Mummy Imhotep appears and makes us an offer we can't refuse: Join him and receive vast riches, or refuse and face doom. Guess which one we're going to get? Hint: not the money. From there, you launch into a high-speed roller coaster ride through the tomb on the way to your escape. And just when you think that the ride is finally over... it isn't.


This is a not-to-be-missed high-speed, indoor roller coaster. The attraction does a fantastic job of bringing The Mummy story to life with plenty of thrills, amazing dark ride parts, a jaw dropping Imhotep animatronic and a very creepy atmosphere throughout. This is my personal favorite ride, it never fails to take my breath away with it's amazing fire elements and shocking scenarios. The queue is very well done and sets the tone. This Mummy version has a ton of humor including in the queue and at the very end with Brandon Fraiser. This replaced Kongfrontation, which was the landmark attraction of the original USF. While that ride was truly one of a kind and pure magic, The Mummy is a worthy replacement. In fact, they still reference Kongfrontation in the treasure room. This is far superior to Hollywood's Cliff Notes version. With a much larger treasure room filled with knights and a closing wall, a much better Imhotep animatronic, Brandon Fraiser, fire elements, and of course the awesome fake ending missing in Cali's. The duration is much longer and this just feels like a more complete ride. Be sure to do this ride, it is good fun at USF. 9.5/10
So the ride itself... hurts. I loved the effects and everything going on, but I got jostled and thrown around so much that it killed my back!!! If they made it a smoother ride, it'd be way more enjoyable.
It is good fun. Not quite as good as these reviews are building it up to be, but it is good. The theming is top notch for the first half, but, for the most part, it is just an alright roller coaster. I appreciate the ride a lot for being unique and trying a lot of different things (especially for the time it came out), and it is a must do for those at USF. 8/10
A fantastic ride that does not get enough love when talking about the great rides at Universal! One of my favorite all-time rides.
GREAT GREAT GREAT ride, a must do for sure.
LOVE it!
"Not even the Magi can save you now."

One of Universal Orlandos best rides.


The more I ride this the greater it is. There's so much going on at such a fast pace, that repeat rides are needed to fully appreciate it.One of my top 10 theme park attractions.
One of the best themed coaster I ever been on. It has great sets, very well directed and very thrilling. The queue is also very good and sets the prefect atmosphere. 9/10
This is a very exciting roller coaster, making it one of my favorites. 9/10
Very good roller coAster. Probably best ride at usf
One of the best rides in Universal!
This ride is almost perfect if all the effects are working. I just can't find a time were they all are.
first and fore most. this is my favorite dark ride. it capture practice effects just perfectly, its thrilling when it needs to be, and tells a good story when needed. but like any ride it is not perfect. i do not believe in a perfect ride. i think any ride can better it self. the actual roller coaster part is the best part and doesn't need any changes. my problem is two things. its could be a little bit longer, and the launch isn't fast enough. had they made it accelerate as quick as the hulk it would be a perfect ride. and as of late the the ride has been back up where they only run one side which means they can only run one side on the exit causing workers to get back up and anywhere there are breaks they will hold the ride there and then move the car to the next area where you stop. and the hole ride it self gets backed up. so really the biggest problem with this ride is really there isn't enough people riding it. if more people rode it the lines wouldn't be that much longer cause they would be running both sides and the ride wouldnt get so backed up. never the less its the best dark ride out there. doesnt need loops to be thrilling. the hole scare of this ride is you dont know whats coming next. ill give it a 9.3 out of 10. must do.
The best roller coaster in Universal Orlando and proabably in Orlando, period. The theming, the humor in the queue, and the thrill level is unbeatable. It's also my favorite ride at USF, that's why I gave REVENGE OF THE MUMMY a 10/10, perfect score. I could ride this forever.

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