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Minimum height to ride: 40 inches

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The Simpsons Ride replaced Back to the Future: The Ride in 2008, and uses the same motion-simulator seats in front of 80-foot IMAX screens as its predecessor. You’re visiting “Krustyland,” lining up for a ride on “Krusty’s Thrilltacular Teen-Operated Roller Coaster.” But then Sideshow Bob appears and — say it with me now — it all goes terribly wrong.

As Sideshow Bob tries to kill you during your wild ride through Krustyland and Springfield, look for the many references to various Universal, Disney, and SeaWorld attractions thrown into the ride film. If you watch carefully, you might even notice a cameo from Back to the Future’s Doc Brown. The ride also features 29 regular characters from The Simpsons, voiced by the original artists, including Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright, Yeardley Smith, Hank Azaria, and Kelsey Grammer.

In 2013, Universal rethemed the area around The Simpsons Ride as Springfield USA, adding a second Simpsons-themed ride to the land, as well as several counter-service restaurants, serving food and drinks featured in the animated TV series.


The Simpsons ride is one of the best rides at Universal. The animation is amazing, the voice acting is incredible, the lines move much faster than other attractions and the jokes are hilarious.But i do want to address some things about other reviews of this ride. There are some stupid reviews about gumball replacing the Simpsons ride, and whining that The Simpsons are making fun of Disney. If you didn't like the Simpsons in the first place, then why the hell did you go on the ride?!? The Simpsons make fun of stuff, that's what they do. Also, this gumball crap is ridiculous. I like Gumball, the Simpsons is better than Gumball will ever be, so go do your gumball worshiping elsewhere. As I was saying, The Simpsons ride is fantastic in almost every way, i just hope they remake it in 3-d, that would be amazing.

P.S. Sorry if I was a jerk, its just that some of these comments got me kind of annoyed;

Well for starters this ride is based on the most popular cartoon of all time. It features the same great writing on the show. It essentially could never be built at Disney because of the writing. It's just like the show in every great way.
This ride is simply just a fun time. The ride is so private considering you go in separate vehicles with only a limited amount of people making it perfect to go on with your family or friends. This ride replaced the beloved Back To The Future: The Ride, I did love that ride but honestly it was time for a change and an update for a more up to date and worthy successor. This is a solid simulator ride that everyone should have no problem with. The Simpsons Ride is one of my personal favorite rides overall. This attraction feels like The Simpsons episodes of the past. I feel like the real highlight of this ride is the humor. There are TV monitors along the queue playing clips from Simpsons episodes that dealt with theme parks and brand new animation made only for this attraction. There are also some nice references to the BTTF ride. The queue and preshow with the Krustyland carnival theme is incredibly neat and well done. The ride itself is really fun and it feels like your own experience using a huge I-MAX projection screen. There is also a baby powder smell to add to the experience to make it feel like you're actually in Maggie's mouth, it's very cool. However, the entrance and Springfield in general is very cramped and smaller compared to the better one in Hollywood. I see this as the lesser Simpsons as some of the effects don't even work at lot compared to Cali's. It's not the best simulator in the whole resort, and it can be very bumpy sometimes. Besides that, this is a "must do." 8/10
Universal, start talking to Turner Broadcasting to re-theme this to The Amazing World of Gumball. It's the 21st century's family-friendly answer to The Simpsons, and currently on its fifth season, still is young and has charm left. You can't say that about The Simpsons today.

You may question Gumball's world-recognition compared to Adventure Time, Teen Titans Go, or even Steven Universe, especially in the United States, but trust me, attendance will skyrocket.

I feel like a lot of the rides in this park were made with chiropractor bills in mind. This ride threw me around too, and honestly, as a Simpsons fan, I wasn't really impressed with it. Would have preferred a more updated Back to the Future ride.
Most pathetic P.O.S. ride ever. The preshow is a Simpsons episode repeating endlessly. The ride itself is as idiotically stupid as can be. And takes about three minutes. Beware, avoid at all cost.
I partly prefer the preshow and clips to the ride itself. I adore the Simpsons humor, and I think that the queue and preshow just nail that. The ride itself is pretty good. I didn't get the best seat, so my perspective on the ride was a bit off which hurt it. While I think it is well done, it just really isn't much when compared to the other simulators in the resort. I'm glad it is there, and I hope it stays since I truly enjoy it. It just isn't really that great compared to the surrounding rides. 7/10
Unacceptable. The Simpsons that is not really appropriate for kids and they build a ride of it. Just shameful and teasing Disney, this is just such childish behavior. Now I hate Universal even more. And also it's not about rides it's also about feeling and going to a place with characters you love like Winnie the Pooh, like who can love the Simpsons like Winnie the Pooh.
This is a really great ride and the theming is well done. Love the queue area with all the characters. If you give this a low rating because its not BTTF like others have mentioned get over it! Yes I loved BTTF too but it was time for that ride to go. Who knows it might come back one day bigger and better.
Everyone is crying because BTTF is gone. GET OVER IT. I love the BTTF movie (the first one is one of my favorite films ever) but I appreciate hoy Universal replaced it with a superior experience. Thanks to that replacement, now that corner of the park has a great theming (Spingfield) too. The ride itself is great. The complete experience is filled with GREAT jokes. I specially love the pre-show featuring Itchy and Scratchy doing the safety video. As other people say, I don't find the ride rough or jerky. However, I have one problem with this ride: the projectors. This ride NEEDS an upgrade to high-def.
As comic book guy would say... BEST. RIDE. EVER. 10/10
This is a must ride when you're at Universal Studios, and you don't have to be a Simpsons fan to enjoy it (but it does help). I love the comedy and humor before and during the ride. I always laugh, even though I've been on the Simpsons ride a dozen times. The line goes pretty quick on this ride too.
Any fan of the show will love this ride. From start to finish, you are bombarded with Simpsons excellence. Even if the ride is a little rough, it's still great. 9/10

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