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Tomorrowland Speedway

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 4 out of 10

Track Ride
Minimum height to ride: 32 inches

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Strap into your own miniature race car for a lap around the Tomorrowland Speedway. You won’t actually pass anyone with that rail down the middle of the track keeping you on course, but that can’t stop you from pretending — especially if you’re a child who’s getting behind the wheel of a car and pressing the gas pedal for the first time.


This is a terrible ride. Like the Aladdin spinner, what a huge waste of space. It smells like exhaust.
I love the idea of kids being able to drive, but the Speedway is horrible. They could make this much more enjoyable by reimagining it to be more like the Autopia in Disneyland. And oh yeah, it's 2015, electric cars!
It might be a classic, but this isn't an attraction that should still be around. The problems are numerous, it smells of exhaust, the line is slow and the racers are slower, the cars are attached to a metal track so you can't actually drive them, and it's just not a fun ride, not even for little ones. I don't understand why it's still around.
A fun ride, but the line is always way too long.
Take it out and put an E-ticket in here. (Dark ride, rollercoaster)
Still a decent ride no matter your age. 6/10
Yeah, well, for kids this might be the first time to steer a car themselves. Thus, they might get excited. Everybody else might avoid this, it offers no theming (except for the race atmosphere), the cars are really slow, even slower when the one in front of you doesn't go at "full speed". Also slow moving are the lines, which can get rather long pretty often.
A lot better than I expected. Nice atmosphere.

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