Orlando/SoCal Theme Park Showdown: Journey to Atlantis

October 14, 2011, 2:11 PM · Okay, SeaWorld fans, it's your turn to play in the Theme Park Insider Orlando/Southern California showdown. For most SeaWorld shows, there's more difference from show to show than there is between the Orlando and San Diego versions, since most SeaWorld shows involve live animals. But there is one SeaWorld attraction that appears on both coasts in substantially different versions. That's Journey to Atlantis. So let's vote on which one you like best. Consider whatever details you'd like when voting, including setting, decor, ride or narrative. The vote will be open for 24 hours.

SeaWorld Orlando's Journey to Atlantis

SeaWorld Orlando's Journey to Atlantis

SeaWorld San Diego's Journey to Atlantis

SeaWorld San Diego's Journey to Atlantis

The differences? Sure, they're both Mack Rides water coasters, but that and their names are about the only things these rides have in common. Orlando's Journey to Atlantis debuted in 1998, an impressive blend of dark ride, flume ride and roller coaster, which took visitors into the lost city of Atlantis before drenching them with a flume drop, drying them in a roller coaster, then drenching them again just before the unload station. San Diego's version debuted in May 2004 and dropped the dark ride portion of the ride, while adding a unique element, a vertical lift in the dark in between the flume drop and roller coaster sections of the ride. The San Diego version also includes a Commerson's Dolphin exhibit. Feel free to further break down the match-up in the comments.

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October 14, 2011 at 2:27 PM · I'm going to vote against what I think the winner will be here, and cast my ballot for San Diego. The Orlando version of this simply isn't as awe-inspiring as it once was, needing some refurb work and audio enhancements to better tell the story of the ride. But the vertical lift in the San Diego version is stunning - sitting in a room as it floods, then you rise up the darkened tube, with images of the dolphins swimming around you. It's a better coaster on the back half in San Diego, too.

Although, I think we all can agree that both versions beat the San Antonio Shoot-the-Chutes.

October 14, 2011 at 3:15 PM · Never been on either, but my vote went to Orlando because it has a good story. However, the elevator lift in California looks awesome!
October 15, 2011 at 1:07 AM · Poor San Antonio!!!!! They need to demolish that Atlantis and start again.
October 15, 2011 at 11:35 AM · Living in Texas I was so excited when I saw Atlantis was coming to San Antonio. I told everyone how amazing the ride was in Orlando and couldn't wait for the next year when it opened. Then I went and could not believe the waste of space that it was.

Now they have announced Aquatica for next year in San Antonio. I can only imagine it will be just as big of a let down.

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