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Rock 'n' Roller Coaster

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Roller Coaster
Minimum height to ride: 48 inches

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An indoor coaster from roller coaster manufacturer Vekoma features on-board music from the band Aerosmith. You venture into the G-Force Records building, where you’ll find the members of Aerosmith in a practice session. The band needs to leave for a concert across town, so they summon a “Super-Stretch Limo” to bring you along. The “limo” is your coaster train, which will launch from zero-to-60mph in 2.8 seconds, on its way through a twisting, looping “drive” to the concert, which plays on TV monitors in the gift shop you’ll exit through. Coaster fans: This is the only roller coaster at the Walt Disney World Resort that goes upside down.


The GOOD: Best coaster at WDW based on the track alone. The lights make it very fun.
The BAD: I am not a huge fan of the theming, but that may be because I am not a huge Aerosmith follower.
RATING: A great coaster and definitely a must-do. 9/10.
This is one of Disney's most extreme coasters in the US, with a 0-60 mph in 2.8 seconds launch, 3 inversions, turns, drops, and loud Aerosmith music throughout. This ride is absolutely fantastic, the queue is awesome, the pre-show is so cool and the theming is very heavy at the start of the pre-show to the moment you get in your limo. I love how it has Los Angeles and recording studio theme, I think it's so neat. The ride itself is great with an awesome launch that will likely take your breath away. Neon signs are everywhere in the ride as you spin, twist, and turn with Aerosmith in the background. It's just so much fun. I like the theming and queue here better than California Screamin' at DCA. While it is just a crazy roller coaster, it's a Disney coaster, and I'm glad Disney has it for the sake of a thrill ride. 9/10
Its a fun ride. Indoor coasters are always a blast to me, and this one is a really good one. The story and theming are a little light by Disney standards and the ride is really only truly thrilling for the first 15 seconds or so, but its still a must-do and a lot of fun.
The Rock 'n' Roller Coaster is a great ride! The three upside down parts are awesome. The beginning is very fast, but the rest of the ride is great. I just think it is way too short. At least you get to make a great picture.
This is likely Disney's most thrilling roller coaster in the US with a great beginning launch and 3 inversions. It wouldn't really be that much fun without the music however. The music makes the ride and adds much more excitement. As an Aerosmith fan, I'm always enjoying the music. The theming is heavy in the preshow and loading area and looks great, but there is barely any on the ride other than some charming blacklights (although they don't look very good). It is, at its core, just a pretty generic roller coater, but Disney did enough to it to make it a Disney parks' roller coaster. My main issue is that the coaster really isn't that good. Other than the inversions, it mainly just meanders around the room. Still, good fun! 7/10
This is an excellent ride. It's intense at the beginning, but as the ride goes on, it's still fun. It is very smooth and the corkscrews don't rattle you so much (unlike the Corkscrew at Cedar Point). I take off only a half point, because I think it should be a bit longer, but it's still... Rating: (9.5/10)
Buckle up because this is a fast and an amazing Roller-Coaster. Perfecting theming with a fast and an excellent ride experience rounds up Rock n' Roller Coaster! 9/10
Rock n' Roller Coaster is an excellent ride! It's thrilling, the queue is great, and the pre-show is neat. The launch is awesome; the best part of the ride. While riding, you should probably try to keep your eyes open because of all the neon modern-type signs inside. They're fun and make you feel like you're actually on a highway. Really the only negative about this attraction would be the wait line, which is usually 50+ mins, so be prepared. If you can, you should probably make this ride one of your FastPasses. Other than that, a great ride and a definite "must-do" at DHS!
Overall - 9.5/10
Absolutely love this ride and I personally think that this one is better than the one at walt disney studios park
An amazing coaster and fun from start-to-finish, but the launch sequence amounts to a ride in and of itself. I would like to have seen more theming inside the ride, which is largely dark, but the in-car sound system and freeway signs flying close by overhead still create a good environment. The best thing at Disney Studios, don't miss it.
The best way to get thrills at all of disney. Good theming and a fantastic launch make up for the relative brevity of the ride. 9/10
One of Disney's best roller coasters! 10/10
I enjoy the ride. It would give the ride a solid 10/10 if it wasn't for how much I hate rides that go 0 to 60, it's not fun, painful and it makes you dread the start of the ride. I still love the rest of the ride and the theme of Rock n Roll reminds me of the movie Almost Famous. I give it a 9/10
the best part of hollywood studios is getting the adrenaline rush at the begining of rocknrollercoaster

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