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Housed in a re-creation of Hollywood’s famous Grauman’s Chinese Theater, The Great Movie Ride is, as the name suggests, a ride through some of the greatest movies Hollywood has filmed. You’ll ride in “moving theaters” (much like the ones in Ellen’s Energy Adventure at Epcot) through tributes to Busby Berkeley musicals, Singing in the Rain, Mary Poppins, James Cagney’s The Public Enemy, Clint Eastwood and John Wayne westerns, Alien, the Indiana Jones movies, Tarzan, Casablanca and The Wizard of Oz. Most of the films depicted in the ride were made or licensed by Disney’s former partner in the theme park, MGM. However, Disney continued to hold the rights to use these scenes in this ride, even though Disney had to drop the MGM brand from the park itself. Oh, and by the way, even when “something goes terribly wrong” for your tour guide, don’t give up hope. Don’t most Hollywood classics have a happy ending?


As once the headliner attraction of the park, this ride really embodies "The Studios." It's a neat journey through the nostalgia of classic movies. This ride is liked and disliked, I personally enjoy it and I'm glad it still exists. I think it's very unique compared to some of the more intense ones at the park. However, that isn't to say this ride desperately needs a big update. The script is decades old, the ride scenes are very dated and a lot of parts of the ride are cheesy. Still, I probably still recommend it since there isn't a ton of things to do in the park and of course it once was the star of the park. 7/10
When I first visited the park, then MGM Studios, this attraction brought the entire theme of the park together. The cast members had their lines down and took time to say them (now they rush through them as though they have a lunch break after this tour is over). The opening Buzby Berkely scene was amazing with bubbles and lights (now it is dark, dreary, and has lost its bubbles). Even the Wizard of Oz scene has lost it's color and has become dark and dreary. As a classic film lover, I am disappointed at the lack of enthusiasm the Disney company takes in this ride. It is now nothing more than an opportunity for TCM to promote their brand. I guess it can all be expected considering the park is no longer represented as a film studio, but as a park that has movie based attractions. And why in the world did they remove the American Idol Experience? This was a great attraction for the AI fans and it would have been a good decision to keep it considering that Disney's own "ABC" is currently in talks to revive the show on their network.
A great ride, which could use an update. While some of the AAs (see Alien) are great, others (pretty much every other one) are showing their age. I remember when the show was narrated by the tour guide- and not the TCM recording. It was much better then... The ride could use an update to focus on more modern movies, or at least Disney ones (and not MGM). Still fun.
The definitive attraction of The Studios! Many of the greatest moments in movie history that make an overall great show.
I don't love the ride personally, but I love that it exists. For a studio park, this is needed to keep some focus on movies, and my favorite thing is that they focus on actual classics. The attraction isn't great, but it is a fun experience that is recommended. 6/10
Like most Disney World rides, it needs a real update. The tour guide script is the same one from decades ago. How hard would it be to mix it up and maybe even add a scene or two? This is the great movie ride, so certainly they can spruce it up a bit. Simply changing the video a little doesn't cut it!
A really entertaining ride that takes you into the best films of all time. Though, the ride is a bit dated. 7/10
This is a GREAT ride. The combination between real actors and animatronics is really awesome and I love all the movies presented. However, The Great Movie Ride really needs and deserves a huge improvement, specially the animatronics.
This ride needs updating, more professional tour guides, and brilliance.
Hooray for Hollywood... really ? more like Booray for Hollywood...
poor lighting, older weak theme, and over grainy movie lead while standing on line. Maybe would have been hot in 1960's but this is a new era..
good for a snooze on a hot day..
Excellent attraction that really captures the movie theme. Perfect as the flag ship attraction for Hollywood Studios. Its a nice journey through movie nostalgia, especially if you get a good guide.
One of my favorites in the park. It could use a little TLC, but the detailed experience (especially Alien!!) and film at the end make you really appreciate old school cinema. 8/10
The set design in this ride is great, and the story is good. The main issue with the ride is that the tour guides, gangsters, and cowboys tend to phone in the script. I think with some better actors serving as the performers, and with minor script changes that provide more information about the films than the titles and a couple of the lead actors. Disney should not change the films in this ride just because guests don't know them. It's "The Great Movie Ride," not the "Contemporary Movie Ride." Guests not knowing the movies shown is their fault, not Disney's.

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