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The Hollywood Brown Derby

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Table Service Restaurant

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A replica of the original Brown Derby restaurant in Los Angeles, this table service restaurant is the Studios’ top dining experience — and its most expensive. The Brown Derby’s most famous dish was the Cobb salad (named for Bob Cobb, the original restaurant’s owner), and you’ll find it on the menu here, as an appetizer or entree, and served with original Cobb dressing. Entree prices range up to $43 at lunch or dinner, with other options including chicken, pork, lamb, duck, salmon, and beef. For dessert, the most popular choice is the Brown Derby’s original Grapefruit Cake, a yellow cake layered with grapefruit-cream-cheese frosting.


Not your typical theme park restaurant fare, a daring and upscale menu that when paired with the fantasmic dinner package can make for a magical, if not romantic, evening.
There is really nothing special about the theming or atmosphere here like at some Disney restaurants. It just is what it is as far as that goes. But the food here was absolutely amazing! Some of the best food I have had at any Disney restaurant.
A recent visit bumps this restaurant to perfection. Every bit of food my family had was great. All waiters were friendly and helpful. The theme is great(we never got bored as we waited for a table). 10/10.
Exceptional service and very good food. We don't eat here every trip but, when we do, we are never disappointed.
If you are looking for anamitronics and lighting effects this is not the place for you. But, Disney did a great job paying homage to a Hollywood legend. The decor is sleek and authentic and the food is refined and delicious

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