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Drop Tower
Minimum height to ride: 40 inches

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The story takes place in the Hollywood Tower Hotel, an “Old Hollywood” resort from the late 1930’s. Bellhops greet you and direct you to wait in the library. Inside the small room, the lights go out, and an old, black-and-white television turns on to welcome you into an episode of The Twilight Zone. When the bellhops return, they’re not taking you up to your room, but down into the boiler room, where you’ll board a service elevator for ride of your life. This elaborately themed drop ride offers multiple drop sequences, so you’ll probably not get the same ride twice. Note that Twilight Zone creator Rod Serling really does appear in the pre-show film, thanks to clever editing from Disney’s Imagineers, who used clips from dozens of Twilight Zone show introductions to splice together the ride’s pre-show introduction.


The Hollywood Tower of Terror is fine except it is way too scary. The story of the ghosts is too scary for my son. They just kind of pop up everywhere. The whole going up-and-down part is fine except the ghosts show up in the corners. I would give this four stars.
Just fantastic. One of the best rides in the world. From the moment you see it on Sunset Blvd to the exit gift shop, it is a top notch Disney experience. As a Twilight Zone fan, the Rod Serling narration always gets me so excited. The ride itself has some unbelievable effects; the drop sequence is just icing on the cake for a nearly perfect ride. 10/10
My favorite ride at WDW, hands down. Worth the admission to DHS. It's just amazing. The theming, immersion, queue, build-up (especially the elevator car leaving the shaft), and the thrilling drops. I literally rose out of my seat every time we dropped! The drop sequence is randomized, so you never have the same ride twice. The storytelling and illusions in this ride create an immersive experience that shouldn't be missed. I felt like the ghosts were right in front of our car. The dropping caught me off-guard, there's no warning. No matter how many times I rode it, the drop always surprised me. This ride just gets everything right.
You are missing out if you don't ride this. It's outstanding, spectacular, thrilling, and a blast! Anyone who thinks this is just another drop ride is wrong. The theming as you wind your way through the haunted lobby, all the way up to where your journey begins, is a truly immersive experience. DON'T miss this!
This is the best attraction at WDW and even in Orlando. It has a great storyline and great theming. Also the drop tower sequence is very fun, and this comes from someone who is not a huge fan of traditional drop tower rides. Rating: (10/10)
I have been on this attraction before and I had really high hopes. The anticipation for the drop was scary as usual and the theming was excellent. Though, when the drops are occurring its not thrilling. 8.5/10
The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is a great ride! It's more than just an up-and-down ride, the car actually moves forward as well. There's a nice story to it and a great queue. The employees also do a nice job of acting like it's real. Although the minimum height requirement is 40 inches, you probably need to make sure your kids aren't too scared of ghosts and paranormal things. The up-and-down part is fun, but not too stomach churning which makes it a great ride for all ages. Definitely a "must-do" ride at DHS!
Overall - 9.5/10
Hands down THE BEST attraction on WDW property. The theme and story are the perfect fit in what was once my favorite park at WDW. It creates a fantastic mood to the ride experience and the thrill of the drops are surprising and absolutely FUN!
Such a great ride! I love how it's never the same back to back. Just a fun drop and the whole setup is really cool. Love me some Tower of Terror!!
This is a fun ride. The details are amazing. My daughter and I could ride this all day long!
Everything you could want in an indoor, themed thrill ride. The experience is chilling, the decor fabulous, and the ride itself keeps you guessing. 9/10

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