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Twilight Zone Tower of Terror reviews

Theme Park Insider readers offer their ratings and reviews for Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, a drop ride in Sunset Boulevard at Disney's Hollywood Studios. (The minimum height to ride is 40 inches.)

Photo of Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

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Posted: March 15, 2014

The story takes place in the Hollywood Tower Hotel, an "Old Hollywood" resort from the late 1930's. Bellhops greet you and direct you to wait in the library. Inside the small room, the lights go out, and an old, black-and-white television turns on to welcome you into an episode of The Twilight Zone. When the bellhops return, they're not taking you up to your room, but down into the boiler room, where you'll board a service elevator for ride of your life. This elaborately themed drop ride offers multiple drop sequences, so you'll probably not get the same ride twice. Note that Twilight Zone creator Rod Serling really does appear in the pre-show film, thanks to clever editing from Disney's Imagineers, who used clips from dozens of Twilight Zone show introductions to splice together the ride's pre-show introduction.

Readers' rating:

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10/10 no doubt. One of my all time favorites - Owen Scott

Outstanding attraction. The Twilight Zone setting is tremendous and the feeling of floating in the air on the elevator, if you don't hold on, is excellent. One of the top ten attractions in Disney. - Rob Pastor

This Disney World icon is one of the best rides in Orlando. The theming is truly immersive and the story from the queue, to the cast members, and on to the ride itself is imperative to the ride's success and done right. A fun ride and the drops are just way cool. Even the view from the top, though quick, is spectacular. A true classic, and a definite must see. - Manny Barron

This is similar to the one in California, although the ups and downs seemed shorter than the California version. I could have done without the wandering elevator however. - Jeff Krinock

Everyone's already said it, but this ride is easily the best around. It is so much more than simply a drop tower, with the theming and the technology at its disposal. Especially not that you cannot predict which way you will go first, it's simply perfection. 10/10. - Nick McKaig

This ride and it's story has NOTHING to do with the theme of this park, a movie studio. But as a ride it's the best Disney has to offer. - O T

This is the best ride in all of Disney. Universal usually is better at rides but this time Disney has beat Universal. - Jaiden Cohen

This is easily one of the best rides at Disney World. It also most likely clinches the spot for best drop tower ride ever created. While I love Disney World, I've always felt that Universal beat them when it came to solidly themed rides. This does not ring true for the Tower of Terror, as it is one of the best themed rides you will ever find. The cast members who work this ride, stay in character superbly and really add to the atmosphere of the attraction. Everything about this ride is done very well, and it all helps add to the creepy, spooky atmosphere Disney was trying to achieve. The ride itself is pretty intense, so not everyone will be able to ride. If you can handle the thrills, and you don't mind being scared a little bit, don't miss out on this ride whatsoever. 9 out of 10. - Joshua Bixler

So cool. Best drop tower ride around. I loved the ride ops uniforms, the theming is perfect inside and out, the last projection before you enter the elevator shaft was amazing. So cool how you are indoors in the dark then pop outside to see the park. I know that ride photos are designed to make money, but I enjoy looking at them even if I am not a buyer so I think that it was smart of them to have a photo taken even though most drop towers do not. Great Disney work as usual, just so much more exciting when it is purposed for adults. (10/10) - Lexi R

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