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Walt Disney: One Man's Dream

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Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream opened in 2001 as part of the company-wide 100 Years of Magic celebration, marking the centennial of Walt’s birth. The pre-show of this movie is as much the attraction as the film itself, featuring a museum of Disney artifacts, including Walt’s office from the real Disney Studios (which used to be displayed at Disneyland), as well as Disney’s Academy Awards for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (one regular-sized Oscar and seven miniatures) and Imagineering models of several attractions from Disney parks around the world. Another display within the exhibit explains the development of the Disney Studio’s innovative multiplane camera, which helped give certain shots within Disney’s animated films a three-dimensional feel. The centerpiece of the attraction remains the filmed biography of Walt, exploring his journey to Hollywood and life at the studio. It even includes rare footage of Walt talking about the creation of Mickey Mouse.


A really neat museum focusing on all the history of the man that started it all. It's very interesting and Walt Disney fans will love it. The film at the end is also very interesting but you can skip it if you're not into that. While it is a nice break from the heat, it is very cool to see how the Disney empire all started. 8/10
Nice museum, but the space could honestly be used for something better. Putting it at MK or Disney Springs would be better. And it would leave the room for another attraction. It's a bit small, and has more replicas and information panels then actual items, but it's good regardless. Never seen the film.
A good museum with an interesting film at the end. If you need a break, this is the way to go. 8/10
Love this but I agree it should be moved to MK Main Street and have a nice needed dark ride to HS.
I realize that some of the audio is old, but the speakers sounded like they were defective. Please replace them. Still a must see for all Walt Disney fans.
It's a nice museum showing the man who started it all and who would climb out of his grave if he would see the current state of WDW.

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